Wednesday, January 20, 2016

10 Movies I Could Watch Just for the Clothes: Some GIFs from me to you

The Thin Man (1934)

In this movie, the body of Poppy Buxom is discovered. Who killed her? Myrna Loy's backless halter dress.

Some stills because they're just so gorgeous.

The Women 1939

Joan throwing shade

and light.
Now, Voyager (1942)

What an entrance!

Did we realize Bette Davis had such an impressive rack?

I wish this was slower ... this is after the big makeover.

Rear Window, 1955

... and then she married a prince, and Hermes named a pocketbook after her. The end.

Funny Face 1957

Instead of gifs, I have many, many clips for you

What a Way to Go (1964)

I know this format is janking up the screen, but this is wide-screen, baby!

Thoroughly Modern Millie 1968

Again: did we know about Julie Andrews' legs?

I'll admit the cheesey voice over is annoying, but check out the dresses!

Desperately Seeking Susan, 1985

Did you have the Ray-Bans? EVERYONE HAD THE RAY-BANS.

 Confession: I watch Elementary to get my Aiden Quinn fix. 1980s Poppy had a little crush.

Metropolitan, 1990

Not shown: unironic daytime prep wear ... the camel hair coats and cashmere sweaters are TDF.

Clueless 1995

Worth a watch for the closet scene ... and Dionne's hat.


  1. I was all, ooh, I hope she includes The Wome...there it is.

    An outstanding list.

  2. Poppy .... I am about to go out to lunch with my daughter and grandkids but when I get back and have some time I am going through my DVD collection and find 10 movies that are glambo .... as I said to the Non-Blonde I wish someone would come out with a super Chic Flick full of wonderful clothing , houses, makeup and all that jazz.
    I have a good collection of DVD's as I HATE (yes Hate again ) ironing and adore watching movies so I combine them and bingo - ironing is done and I am in a happy place :)
    OK ... off to lunch!!!

  3. OK .. back from lunch.
    Marie Antoinette - Sofia Coppola's luxe movie- when you are done with the dresses take a look at all those Laduree cakes!!!

    Pret-A-Porter... Sophia Loren in that black dress and huge red hat alone!!

    Midnight Lace .. Doris Day in London in the fog and what fabbo 60's clothing!

    8 Women - from France and what wonderful dresses - all 50's with Catherine Deneuve and the divine Fanny Ardant !

    Cabaret - oh boy Liza Minnelli and Joel Grey dancing .Notice her green nail polish - when the movie came out we all painted our nails in wild colours!Rare then.

    The Great Race.... just look at the delicious clothing Natalie Wood wears - oh she was so pretty.

    All About Eve.... oh boy ! Marilyn Monroe thrown in too! Wow the dresses and coats.

    How to Marry a Millionaire .... best dress ... Marilyn's... but Lauren Bacall and Betty Grable were exquisite too.

    Devil Wears Prada ..... just look at Meryl's bags ... let alone what she wears!

    The Fifth Element .... why? I thought the costumes were so, so clever and you know who designed them? Jean Paul Gaultier -who should have won an award for it IMO.

    *Poppy ... I just love that bracelet with the big gold coin that Grace Kelly wears in Rear Window!! So Elegant .

  4. I LOVE the women and Now Voyager so much!!!!!!!

    Thanks for this wonderful post x

  5. Thanks for all the comments--I can't tell you how much fun I had searching for stills, GIFs and clips.

    Lady Jicky, I'm putting all those movies on my "to watch" list. I've seen Cabaret, All About Eve, How to Marry a Millionaire, and The Devil Wears Prada, but I'd happily watch them again.

    And oh yes--I painted my nails green in 1972 after Cabaret came out--then went black, then silver glitter. Very edgy!

  6. Oh Poppy you are around my age - green , blue etc nailpolish was so "game" then!
    I have some ironing and going to watch Modern Milly today ... I do have it in my collection but I wanted to add movies that you did not mention :)

    Have you seen the modern version of The Women ? You know ....they panned it but its not so bad! Of course the original is the best but I find the re-make pleasant.

  7. gorgeous selection ... what do you think about Ginger Rogers' feather dress from Top Hat - for me one of the most breathtaking movie gowns of all times


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