Friday, January 01, 2016

Happy New Year!

Myrna Loy and a Shirley Temple look-alike, New Year's, 1927
We stayed in last night and had movie nights with the Young Adults. Guess what we watched?

The Thin Man (which takes place at Christmas) and After the Thin Man (which takes place on New Year's Eve).

I realize this sounds mundane, but trust me ... this is something Mr. Buxom and I used to do before our children were born. In the early 90s, we discovered Nick and Nora and never looked back. Before Lumbersexual hipsters started with their artisanal hand-crafted cocktails featuring fresh juices, herbs, and bottled cherries from a start-up in Brooklyn, we were drinking martinis and manhattans made with the usual suspects.

Cocktails and a Thin Man movie were a regular occurrence. I can even remember smuggling a shaker of Manhattans into a screening at the University of Chicago so we could enjoy our drinks while we watched Nick and Nora on the big screen.

Of course, all of this stopped as soon as I got pregnant with Nick, Jr. Young Master Buxom.

And so, to last night. We had pasta carbonara for dinner, and then cocktails and home-made Chex Mix and all kinds of other high-quality movie snacks.

On the surface, not much. But sharing these movies with our children, who were enjoying them ... and then, when Nick figured out that Nora was expecting a baby, and my daughter went "Awwwwww ...." and Mr. Buxom and I were remembering those days for us ...

Well, it was a Moment.

Here's hoping you all have a glorious New Year, in the company of your heart's delight.


  1. Happy New Year to you!

    I just loved "The Thin Man" and always wanted that dog! LOL

  2. Happy New Year Poppy!
    To you and your loved ones.


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