Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Santa baby

Just a quick post to let you see my Christmas loot.

Santa put this beauty in my stocking:
Estee Lauder Limited Edition "Sea of Pearls" refillable powder compact

I didn't see this mentioned anywhere on the internet, but it's so beautiful and luxurious and tiny ... it doesn't matter that I don't powder my nose, certainly not in public--and it doesn't matter that Estee Lauder is so very Old Lady, tsk tsk--this thing is so gorgeous, I'll fake a contact lens emergency just to show it off. I might actually take a crappy cell phone picture of it and upload it to Instagram so you can see how amazing it is.

Stuart Weitzman "Luge" boots
These. OMG. I am in love with a look I call "Apres Ski in a Rockies Resort that is pretending to be Gstaad." It's the Gorsuch catalog combination of super-space-age practical winter sportswear with Tyrolean folkwear--high-necked, lace-trimmed $400 Swiss cotton blouses under a silk velvet blazer with pewter buttons, cashmere socks, comfy jeans tucked into rugged boots for stompling through snow drifts--and I love it, as Faux Fuchsia says, 11/10. It just has no practical application for me.

But Santa gave me these faux-shearing-lined lace-up boots anyway.

Santa also fed my Amore Pacific skincare addiction, with a gift set that is a huge pot of my favorite wrinkle cream with a tube of hand cream and a tub of body cream. Yaaaaaaaaassssssssss!

Santa also kindly gave me a cold, which gave me the opportunity to lie around in my bathrobe all day drinking tea and wasting time on the internet. Um ... thanks?

I hope Santa has been good to you, too!


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