Thursday, December 24, 2015

Best of 2015: YouTubers who are the boss of me

Holiday greetings to you, internet!

I need to haul my butt out to the mall, UGH, so just a quick post before the present buying-and-wrapping-wrapping-wrapping commences for real. I thought I'd do a best-of YouTube.

During the past year, I discovered the joys of ASMR videos via YouTube (not beauty-related, so I won't go into it unless you want me to) so I got into YouTube in a big way.

For a long time I rejected YouTube as a source of beauty and style information, not because of the amateurishness of the average YouTube beauty guru--I mean, who am I to cavil at that? Mostly it was a matter of efficiency. Reading blogs gave me more information in less time. But I persevered, because when it comes to wasting time on the internet, I am the champion. Accept no substitute!

At any rate, I like (in alphabetical order)

Bailey B (we have the same coloring, so her recs are always good for me)
Lisa Eldrige (pro makeup artist, author, currently consulting at Lancome)
Emilynoel83 (former newscaster, prolific uploader, does mostly drugstore makeup)
Dustin Hunter (honestly, I could listen to him talk about the weather)
Hooker Lips (dryly funny and self-deprecating, lots of hauls)
JeanFrancoisCD (French Canadian makeup artist who vlogs in Fringlish)
Jordan Liberty (MUA)
Kimberly Clark (hilarious drag queen with informative hauls and non-hauls, i.e., "You don't need it!")
Lisettesbeaute (another one with a glorious voice--she could talk me into buying anything!)
redheadphd (great critiques of products)
Sharon Farrell (makeup artist)
TarababyZ (lots and lots of hauls with great critiques)
Tati (fabulous hauls and her WTF series is great)
Thrift Thick (keeps it real, lots of reviews, really knows her lipsticks)
Uppiesbeads (Older, really knowledgeable about skin- and haircare)
Wayne Goss (Click-baity titles, but his videos are blessedly short and to the point)
Young Wild and Polished (Really best at nail polish, but quite a character, and lots of hauls)

Right--I'm out of here--if you are one of those who celebrates Christmas, I hope your celebrations are more organized and less frenzied than mine!

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