Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Another beauty event leaves me cold

People, I might actually be getting the hang of it.

Bergdorf Goodman is offering a whole flock of GWPs plus discounts with the code BEAUTY.

I carefully scrolled through all the offers. I liked some of them, but nothing jumped off the screen at me. I was deaf to their siren songs. I mean, more Viktor & Rolf perfumes? YAWN.

There's a cute Clinique GWP if you like Clinique and especially if you like violet eye shadow. Still, I persist in not being tempted.

Although it's nice that Clinique is throwing a little color into their GWPs, and not handing out the usual beige and brown tones. I have a tiny Clinique GWP quad that is perfect for hazel eyes--the olive green shade is the same color as my irises. I love that little quad to bits and carry it in my makeup bag.

Speaking of makeup bags, I'll be on the road again until Friday night, navigating my way through Michigan.

I will be driving from Roseanne through a bit of Parks & Recreation into Freaks & Geeks

My makeup bags are a DREAM of organization. Wanna see?

Oh, and I won't forget to buy gas!

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