Monday, April 25, 2016

I got a fever! And the only prescription.. is more purple! Or, what I wore to a screening of Purple Rain

This week's cover of The New Yorker

On Sunday, a group of friends was going to watch Purple Rain on the big screen. I don't think I'd seen it since it came out. I wasn't a kid--I was working full time and mostly expressed my Inner Eighties Kid with things like a cobalt blue wool overcoat (does anyone else remember how huge cobalt blue was in the 80s?) or a magenta and black houndstooth scarf with my boring gray tropical weight Brooks Brothers suit.

I can't remember if I dressed for the occasion. I hope I at least wore my burgundy leather jacket to the screening. But if I remember correctly, I went after work. So it was probably a suit.

At any rate, here we are, 32 years later (!) and it's my second trip to a movie theater to watch Purple Rain. Unfortunately, my purple clothes—and I do own quite a few—are mostly a winter phenomenon. Yesterday, for whatever dumb reasons the weather guys on TV would like to bore me about, it was 80 degrees. I really had to scrounge to find anything purple. I wore

with black ballerina flats. I carried

and accessorized the SHIT out of it with

My makeup included a couple of shades of violet eyeshadow I don't usually indulge myself with, a plummier-than-usual blush, and this TRANSCENDENT lipgloss.

MAC dazzle glass in Boys Go Crazy

which I really have no business owning. But I think His Purpleness would have approved.

Let's Go Crazy and have another shot of Boys Go Crazy!

I told my friends that it was a limited edition shade, but I was wrong! It's still available! RUN DON'T WALK as they say on a different blog.

Of course, I was completely outclassed by one woman in my group. She was rocking a

1) dark purple
2) lace

sleeveless blouse with

3) ruffles

that she got at a thrift shop for

4) one dollar.

But I like to think I came in second.

Purple Rain was amazing. Again. And Prince was amazing. Always.


  1. It has been years since I have seen Purple Rain.
    Your bracelet is quite perfect...that would qualify you for a 1st IMO.

    1. Thank you! At one point in the movie Prince was wearing a studded leather bracelet and I was like "Twinsies!" I need to work it into more outfits.

  2. I am so happy that I saw His royal highness Prince in Brisbane when he toured in mid 2012 because he will not be touring again. I had a few songs on my iphone but I downloaded more and feel so sad.

    It really is heartbreaking- all these guys from my youth are dying....

    I Love your bangle thingy I have an orange one.

    Important to Run when there is something worth sprinting to xxxxx

  3. I can't wait for Purple Rain to show up at my house via Netflix because I can't make it to any of the screenings in Manhattan by Thursday. Prince meant more to my teenage years than Michael Jackson so I will miss him even more than MJ. If Madonna dies young I think I will just have a breakdown. Love your ensemble and all the accessories. x

    1. I just found out this week that Prince wrote "I feel for You," and I have always adored Chaka Khan's cover of it. What a musical genius--as Miles Davis said, it was he combined James Brown, Jimi Hendrix, Michael Jackson and Charlie Chaplin. The tributes and clips I've seen in the past week have been so illuminating. So sad that someone has to die before you learn all this.

  4. I watched Purple Rain on the big screen on Monday night. Like you, I don't think I have seen it since 1984. But. Remembered ALL the words to ALL the songs. Everyone in my theatre row did too. It was amazing and awesome and 3 days later, I can't get the songs out of my head. I wake up humming them. Sigh...


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