Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Very resistible

Wow, the internet is totally overflowing with stuff I don't want!

For starters, how about that Marimekko collaboration with Target? I totally had my hopes up with that one. My stepmother was the opposite of the boring, G&T-drinking tennis-playing people I grew up with. She owned an art gallery and a crazy gift shop where she sold cool mid-century modern stuff, and she wore tons of Marimekko.

But there was no poppy print.

And the colors were either drab

or weirdly loud and all over the place.


People appear to have forgotten the Evil Side of the 1970s. But now this collection is giving us post-traumatic flashbacks.

Next, we have Urban Decay and their misguided attempt to color the world Naked. Here's a clue for you, Urban Decay: everyone else in the world already has all the Naked (nude, starkers, bare, raw, unclothed and disrobed) makeup they need.

Stop me if you've heard the one about the lady from New York who moves to Boston. She asked one of her new acquaintances, "Where do Bostonian ladies buy their hats?" And the new acquaintance replied. "Bostonian ladies have their hats."

Exactly. Everyone HAS their Naked palettes. Even I have two of the goddamned things. But the Urban Decay Naked Vault keeps wafting back into stores. Who could possibly be said to need even one Naked palette at this point, let alone all six?

All the Naked eyeshadow palettes you could ever want, and then some. $180 at Ulta.

Wow, it's lucky I'm not trying to sell ads on my blog, because seriously, what idiot would place an ad with me? Where's my consumerism? What's wrong with me? THIS IS AMURRICA!

OK, I'll lighten up.

I don't want to buy them, but this, from the Gap website, is mesmerizing.

Also, have you seen this adorable video for The Body Shop's new English Rose line?

They're selling it in the States. Maybe I'll buy some. There. I hope you're satisfied.

p.s. The Body Shop is offering a promo code: 42.0% off your purchase with Code HAPPY420.

p.p.s. Happy Mother's Day to you, your Majesty.


  1. Oh that shoe ad just hypnotised me into thinking I need that fun body shop rose stuff!

    1. Bwahahaha! That was my fell scheme all along. Body Shop is promising me a finder's fee.

      I kid. And hey, what do you think of the Mother's Day ad? As a member of a Commonwealth nation, do you find it too cheeky? As an American, I find it uncanny. I mean, that Camilla clone? SPOT ON.

  2. I think that Target stuff is atrocious, the collaborations with them seem to be getting worse as time goes on. I was done after that Missoni collab, with the website crashing and everyone wearing every piece of it everywhere. I don't own one Naked palette and I think I will just skip it at this point, not all of those colors look good on everyone. I'm sticking with my Chanel Lotus shadow I tell you, with some MAC Teddy and Benefit Eye-Bright thrown in for fun!

    1. I didn't even try to get any pieces from the Liberty collaboration. I was afraid the quality would be terrible, and that would ruin the experience. For me, part of the appeal of Lilly Pulitzer, Liberty, and Marimekko is the quality of the cotton and the craftsmanship. If Lilly is going to sell plastic Lilly wineglasses, I don't mind Target doing the same. But I don't want to see these prints on skimpy cotton or even worse, polyester.

  3. Oh no Poppy..... I wished it went further and boy the lady that played Camilla .... I had to watch it twice - god she is good! LOL When my Mum comes over I will play it for her - she will get a good laugh ( and you would not want to know what my Mother Really thinks of the Royal Family !!! The only one she likes is the Queen -Mum is 81 and she thinks the others are all lazy hanger's on! )
    I am so 'with" Jill and you .... Target's clothing - actually many other clothing shops here too - the materials are getting cheaper and skimpy - as my Mum would say "you could shoot peas through them" !! When will buyers realize that we will spend the extra dollars for decent fabrics etc and they look better and last longer!!!
    We had Jean Paul Gaultier's collection for Target here and it was a flop - crappy fabrics and he did not come out to promote it and so .. the young ones did not buy it!! I guess old Jean Paul should have been designing stuff for Old Girls like me ! I bet many of the young ones do not know he did those garments that made Madonna famous! LOL

  4. I want JPG to make me a bra. A nice pointy one. LOL!

  5. love your posts and look forward to them! X


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