Saturday, April 09, 2016

This overpriced makeup equipment fad must stop

Welcome to another post in which Auntie Haul rants about consumerism.

Today I was over at Sephora checking out new arrivals, as one does. I spotted this.

beautyblender sur.face simple, $30.00

It's a clear acrylic palette and palette knife for mixing ... foundation? I guess? And then holding the results up to your face to check the shade. The purpose being, according to the single review up on the site at this point, to keep one from accidentally wiping makeup off onto one's clothes.


First of all, have you ever wiped makeup onto your clothes? I haven't. I have spilled powder onto the top of my vanity. I have tapped an eyeshadow brush before applying to make sure I didn't get shadow fallout on my cheeks. I have gotten a sploodge of mascara over or under my eyes. But foundation on my clothes? No. There are these things called "tissues" and "cleansing wipes" designed to prevent that sort of thing.

More common sense

May I call your attention to this picture of Myrna Loy? She's brushing her hair while seated at a rather prosaic-looking vanity table. She's wearing a peignoir, a term we don't hear much anymore. It's a robe you wear when you're combing your hair, derived from the French word "peigner," to comb. On the other side of the pond, they tend to call things like this "dressing gowns." Here in the States, we talk about "bathrobes." The point remains that there are perfectly good and useful garments designed to be worn while you're grooming yourself, and if you've developed the habit of wiping makeup onto your clothes, I suggest you get one.

These garments are also useful for keeping toothpaste dribbles off one's bosom. Just saying.

Back to the palette

OK, so let's say you regularly mix foundation shades. Maybe you're even a [gasp!] makeup artist. Could there be a source of palettes other than Sephora?

Why, yes. Yes, there is. It's called an artist supply store.

Blick clear acrylic palette $9.89

If you feel intimidated at the thought of shopping at an artist's supply store, you can find the same thing on Amazon for $7.99. You can also find a somewhat smaller version specifically designed for makeup complete with palette knife on Amazon for $7.35.

So hey, it's your money, and if you want to pay $30 for a small sheet of plastic, and if you're comfortable with paying an extra $20 because this particular small sheet of plastic has pink trim and a cute, all-lower-case name, feel free. Who am I to judge?

Auntie Haul, that's who. /drops mic


  1. clinique foundation and powder in this country are almost $70!!!!

    thought this might interest you. OPI polish is $20!

    that palette is an outrage in terms of cost. x

  2. I think Lisa Eldridge did a post about mixing lipsticks and I think she used an artist's palette to collect all her lipstick shades in. It may have been expensive (can't remember) but I loved that it came from an art supply store, not a beauty store. I just bought a lip brush from CVS for less than $5, that is my kind of beauty tool, at the right price! x


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