Friday, April 01, 2016

Three misses and a hit: a store display story

Sometimes you don't have to try on or sample a single thing to save yourself a boatload of money. Just the other day, when I was walking down Michigan Avenue in Chicago, I saved myself $895 by not buying these calfskin and raffia Ferragamo sandals for Mr. Buxom.

I also saved huge sums on the latest hideous platforms from Ralph Lauren. Another $895 right there.

I managed to put aside $100 more due to the hideousness of these sequinned patched jeans from TopShop.

But then I realized I was going to spend every cent I had on the Uniqlo Liberty of London collaboration. Why not, after I have popped for their J. Crew, Nordstrom, Nike, and Target collabs? I just can't get enough of those ditsy floral prints.

In my defense, these shorts (which I would wear to sleep in, duh, not in public) are only $14.99.

Confession: I'm wearing a Liberty of London for J. Crew shirt as I type this.

My name is Poppy Buxom, and I am a Liberty-aholic.


  1. Can you believe it? I've just made plans to visit Liberty in London next weekend. I've never been!
    Not that I'd buy anything - just to SEE.

    1. I've actually never visited the Mother Ship!

      I've made do with stuff like last summer's Nordstrom's pop-up store and a couple of years with J. Crew. I'm pissed that I didn't buy some Liberty print sneakers the last time I was in England. They were a collab with an American manufacturer, and I thought I'd be able to find them in the States. Sad trombone noise because it didn't happen. Still, it looks like Liberty is eventually going to do a collaboration with everyone, so eventually I'll get my hands on some sneakers.

  2. Oh they are terrible shoes and the jeans ... but the shorts are sweet !


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