Friday, July 01, 2016

Off with their heads! or, What we need is a cosmetics revolution

My favorite lipstick, Guerlain's Rouge G in Gracia, retails for $52. It kills me that it's not refillable, because the case with its built-in mirror is so elegant and so handy for touch-ups.

Currently available for $50.47 on Overstock

Over the years, I've used one tube up, have a second in my purse at all times, with a third in reserve, just in case Guerlain decides to discontinue the shade or formula.

I thought I'd get that out there before I start feeling overly smug about my thriftiness. Because I just found out that Tom Ford's Autumn 2016 collection includes a lipstick that will retail for $60.

Available for pre-order, if you must, here

Sure, it's pretty. But I think not. When I bought my first tube of Rouge G,  it cost $45, which was quite bad enough. The price has been inching up, and when it went over $50, I was already hooked.

But $60? The shades of my Puritan ancestors recoil in horror at the thought. In fact, I think I hear the distant rumbling of the tumbrils and the jeers of an angry mob of sans-culottes.

Oh, and if I ever pop for a Christian Louboutin nail polish

Christian Louboutin nail polish in Lady Peep, $50

lip gloss

Christian Louboutin "Loubilaque" lip lacquer in Bengali, $85

or lipstick?

Velvet Matte Lip Colour in Rococotte, $90.00

You have my permission to send me to the guillotine.

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  1. Poppy ..... keep the Rouge G case and just freeze a new (cheaper? - whatever ) lipstick and when frozen ... take it out of the old case and into your Guerlain with Mirror! Its a cheat's Rouge G and only you and I know it! LOL


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