Monday, July 04, 2016

A Declaration of Pin-dependence

As I prepare for tonight's celebration of America's 240th birthday, I remember the hoopla over the nation's Bicentennial, which occurred when I was much younger and wasn't expected to cook anything.

So I mined Google Images and Pinterest for some nostalgic images. Enjoy!

Charlie's Angels dressed to celebrate. Is it bad that I would wear Kate Jackson's outfit today?

Back when cover models, like Model Ts, came in only one color. In this case, blonde.

I was more of a musk girl, myself.

OMG Halton!!!

A pattern by an American designer illustrated in red, white, and blue. Coincidence? I THINK NOT.

And finally, three guesses as to what I was up to on July 4, 1976. Here's a hint:

Yes, the shame still lingers.

Off to start cooking. Happy Fourth!


  1. Love the photo of Halston with those models, those ladies were so glam. I never understood all the heroin chic and the grunge look of the 90s, since I had grown up seeing images of Jerry Hall et al looking so beautiful and glamorous. Now I want to go buy a disco dress. Thank God I just saw one on Nordstrom's site, maybe it will be on sale next week. xx

    1. I'd forgotten how handsome and dapper he was! Just a beautiful, beautiful man. And so innovative--all those knits. And he resurrected cashmere, which had disappeared and was only evident in vintage twin sets.

  2. Elton!
    Boy do these images bring a flood of memories and emotions back.
    I remember the first picture of Charly's Angels, but I don't remember the embroidered jeans that what's her name has on. But then again, many of their pictures showed them lined up walking like this.
    Did I mention I was a big Elton fan? I still am.

  3. I was a huge fan during the Madman across the Water/Honky Cat phase--but it could have been because I wore glasses, loved platforms, and played piano, though. ;-)

  4. I love these pics! I mean, Elton. Dang.


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