Friday, July 15, 2016

In the cab

I won't go into a lot of detail or make silly apologies, because somehow even as self-centered a person as I am can realize, if only dimly, that the Internet will get along just fine without her. Still I feel pressed to inform my invisible internet friends that I've:

1. Done a lot of shopping. Not for makeup, but OMG the skincare. And clothes!

2. Met Hillary Clinton

3. Boarded a cab to board the plane that will take me to Prague, after which I'll go to Vienna.

Also, I've missed you! Thank goodness for Instagram and Facebook.

P. S. I'm not bring my laptop, and I don't know how much virtual-keyboarding I can stand. We'll see.

P. S. S. Are you using a vitamin C serum every day under your SPF-at-least-30? If not, GET SOME. Nufountain's C + vitamin E + Ferulic is on Amazon and is dirt cheap compared with Dr This or Dr. That's product from Sephora. GET SOME TODAY!

Later, gators!


  1. My dermatologist said not to use vitamin c in the summer bc it makes it photosensitive so i usually only use in the winter. But have a great trip!

  2. 1. Vitamin C makes me a zitty mess
    2. OMG YOU MET HILLARY CLINTON. Details, pls.

  3. Vit C is a ritual for me
    Enjoy your trip
    In a while croc


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