Monday, August 01, 2016

I'm back! With bonus Hillary.

We got back from Europe week ago. I should have checked in, but I was busy winding down from my trip. Also, the idea of blogging about what I bought before and during my trip has been overwhelming.

People, I bought. so. much. stuff.

You know that means I have a ton of new stuff to talk about, so let me get something out of the way first.

In my last post, Adrien of Looks Good from the Back asked for details about meeting Hillary Clinton.

So OK. I'm a supporter, and have contributed to the campaign. I got a phone call from them asking me whether I was interested in attending a fundraiser where I'd have a chance to meet her. When I said yes, I, who am wise in the ways of fundraisers, asked what it would cost. I won't be vulgar and spell out the price, but it was high. Now, I am as starstruck as the next registered voter, but I have my limits. You know ... two kids in college, upcoming travel ... must be sensible.

But then I had dinner with some friends who told me that they had gotten an email from the Chicago hosting committee offering them the chance to attend for far less money. The idea is to raise funds, after all, and the chump change that people like me could scrounge up would help at least a little.

To be extra generous greedy I also popped for a ticket for my daughter.

So of course, my stupid iPhone chose to fail precisely at the moment where my daughter spoke with Hillary. Luckily my friend captured the moment, if blurrily.

Miss Buxom and HRC

I bet that pantsuit is St. John, and let me tell you, Hillary is a great advertisement for them. She appeared that morning in Ohio with Elizabeth Warren, that afternoon with the PUSH on the south side of Chicago, and then met us at the cocktail hour--looking delightfully unrumpled, I must say. The next day she was in California.

So yeah, those St. John knits are just as packable as everyone says.

So anyway, we met Hillary. And she was on sale!


  1. Look at Miss Buxom. She's beaming!

    1. I know, right? I'm so glad my friend's iPhone worked. It's too bad mine didn't, because I was two feet away and had the two of them lined up in such a great shot!

  2. I was at an event a couple of years ago at which HRC was honored. She made a hell of a speech - changed my mind completely about her.
    Hooray for Ms. Buxom. Gorgeous and talented, Ms. Buxom.

    1. Here's a fun fact--one of the speakers before Hillary was a local musician, Michelle Williams. Naturally I was all "who?" Turns out she used to sing with Destiny's Child. Miss Buxom and the rest of the young women were getting selfies with Ms. Williams while we waited for HRC. As a consequence, she was already in the stratosphere when HRC started speaking. Luckily, her hat kept her earthbound--otherewise she'd be in orbit even as we speak.


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