Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Uggs and Birkenstocks and storks, oh my!

I'm bopping around the internet checking out the clearance sales and new arrivals and honestly, I have seen some really astonishingly hideous stuff that is begging to be mocked. Except in many cases, words fail me. I could provide an amusing rant about a single item, but the Saks website's clearance section, even when narrowed down to items that would actually fit me, consists of thirty pages of eye-rollers. After a while, I was speechless. Yes, literally speechless.

And then I came upon an item at Nordstrom. Let's see if I've conceptualized my take on it sufficiently clearly.

What would happen if this
 and this
got married and had a baby?

You'd get this

which can be yours for the low, low price of $328.98.

But wait—it gets better! These "boots" also come in Winter White. In case you think black is too slimming.
I don't know about you, but I can never make my feet look big and wide enough. Amirite???

Honestly, if my feet hurt so much that this—how can I put this tactfully—"Hazmat footwear" sums it up best, I suppose—were my only option ... I'd stay home.


  1. Interesting. I have the Birks and the Uggs (which I do not wear outside my home) but would never have thought to combine them!

    1. I also have a pair of Uggs that I wear inside during the winter. The house can never be too cold for Mr. Buxom, and sometimes my feet are freezing. I even wear them with wool socks.

      But really, these are BEYOND.

  2. I just gasped. The horror!

    1. It's the outside straps a la the Arizona model that get me. Why, Lord, why???

    You gotta laugh at them

  4. good grief who is responsible for this horror

  5. Your feet are warmer in uggs without socks.


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