Sunday, August 07, 2016

If it weren't for Nordstrom, I would totally fail at life

Before I get onto the matter of what I bought at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, allow me to take a minute to give them a shout out for their awesome return policy.

It lasted less than a month
During my recent trip to Europe, one of the things that kept me going during my many museum/cathedral//palace visits was tracking the number of steps I was taking every day.  One day I reached an all-time high of over 17,000 steps. I was exultant. The next day, I took even more steps. Yay, me!

Then my fitbit crapped out.

When I got home, I remembered that I bought this Fitbit from Nordstrom. Did you know that the Nordstrom website has instructions on how to return stuff, if, like me, you threw out all their packing materials. You can print up a new shipping insert and a postage-free mailing label. They suggest that rathern than exchanging an item, you return the old one and order a new one, because it's faster. So I ordered a replacement FitBit and used the box it came in to mail the broken one back.

I love comparison shopping as much as the next tightwad, but at times like this, it's nice to have a store that keeps its customers happy.

And now to the Anniversary Sale. Before we left for Europe, I ordered some very basic stuff. I mean, basic. This included some new bras. My all-important maxim (which in 12 years of blogging, I may have forgotten to mention) is this: if your bra has been washed so many times that you need to use a magnifying glass or stand in really good light to read the style number and size on the label, you need a new one.

So I bought these from Wacoal--my usual style, but in different colors.

Not my color. Also, not me.

I selected pale pink and a charcoal gray, which for mysterious reasons, they call "platinum." I wasn't crazy about the colors, but price was right, and when I tried them on HOLY MOLY THE DIFFERENCE.

I won't say my boobs were bouncing and behaving, but the fit and function of these bras was so perfect that it cured their jetlag. I immediately rushed to the website to scoop up more of these wondrous, marked-down beauties. Only to discover that the only sizes left were 44H and the like.

For the first time in my life, a store has a comfortable, attractive bra, and it's on sale—but it doesn't come in my size because I'm too small. Go ahead, wrap your brains around that little conundrum. I'm off for a walk with my replacement Fitbit.


  1. Visiting my Aussie son and his wife in San Fran, cannot believe
    what they have been able to return here in the USA. Each time
    we visit we are in awe of the customer service in the majority of stores.

  2. Yeah, returning an item here is a nightmare. That bra look fantastic. must look for it.

  3. But that bra has foam lined cups? Intrigued.

    1. No, no foam. Miss Buxom wears foamy bras, and they make me mental because they hog more than their share of of drawer space and take forever to dry.

  4. If your FitBit should happen to crap out again, I highly recommend FitBit's own customer service. I've been a happy (repeat) customer for 5+ years. They will replace ANYTHING and if you want to upgrade, offer you major discounts.

    Thanks for the reminder that back to school means new underthings for myself as well!


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