Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Four days of rain

The halls are decked, but how the hell is anyone going to feel jolly with the soundtrack of a constant drip drip dripping playing in the background? I ask you. Not that I'm such a huge fan of snow. I'm hopeless at all winter sports and think snow mostly exists to be admired from a safe distance, preferably somewhere warm and indoors. And the prospect of shoveling the driveway appalls.

But Jebus this is just too much damned rain. This is Chi-frigging-cago, not Seattle, for frig's sake!

That is all.

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  1. I should be getting out the door but I had to check email first... lol

    I am here to visit you on birthdays past. This sounds like a good one. I hope you had some snow for your birthday. I always like when it snows on mine. Not a huge blizzard or anything. Just enough to cover up all the mud and yuck leftover from the Fall.

    PS- I think it's a shame very few people read old blog entries. It's kind of fun if you make some time for it. Nice to have met you Poppy. I added you to my blogroll to make it easier for me to pop in and visit you.


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