Sunday, January 23, 2005

What am I, chopped liver?

I mean, what the hell???

If you pay any attention to the news media--and I admit, I pay as little as I can get away with--you'll have heard all about a big storm on the East Coast. Well, it just so happens that it snowed like crazy here in Chicago, but does anyone care? I guess not. And that is just. so. typical.
So I have only one question: do people in NY not realize this has happened? And if so, does the editor of the NYT want to come shovel my driveway? I'll make it worth his while--I'll pay him twenty bucks, no problem.

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  1. Oh no Poppy -- the people in NY do not care.
    You see, when it is going to snow in NY it is like...uh --
    hell, freezing over...
    so you see, it is BIG NEWS.
    It snows in Chicago every day. Even in summer.


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