Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Still Life with Toes

My dinnuh
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Well, I'm sure you've enjoyed the break, but today That Stud Muffin I Married set up the wireless DSL service for which my soul had thirsted like the hart for the water hole. This means that instead of using a crappy, incredibly slow dial-up connection and being plugged into the house's single phone line, I can sit comfortably at my ease in any room in the house and blog my ass off without incurring outrageous connection charges or hogging the telephone line. Which is, of course, as it should be. But this probably means that I'll start blogging a lot more.

You have been warned.

OK, for today's photo safari I took the usual complement of pretty pretty postcard type pictures, but for a piquant change of pace, I also decided to branch out and become a food photographer. For those of you who are, say, French or Australian or somesuch (hey, don't accuse me of being nosy; that's what ID Counter is for) let me explain what you're looking at here: reading from the middle of the left side of the picture, one one-pound boiled lobster with melted butter, the cover to the clam container, a container of clam broth--grains of sand visible at the bottom--the bottom of my husband's wine glass, more melted butter because you can never really have enough, right? a glass of cheap white wine, the bottom of my daughter's chocolate milk, my husband's onion rings and cole slaw, my daughter's ketchup, my steamers (steamed soft-shell clams), my onion rings, my cole slaw, the disposable lobster fork, plastic bib, and wet nap, my toes.

I hope my readers from exotic places like Amsterdam, Sydney, Florida, and Texas find this picture and its accompanying description unbelievably fascinating and evocative of local color. Almost like an Andrew Wyeth painting with a caption by Robert Frost. Because that's about as amusing as I find it possible to be.

Not that I have indigestion or anything.

FYI, everything except the toes is courtesy of BG's Boat House in either Rye or Portsmouth, New Hampshire--I can't really remember which. You sit on a deck overlooking a marina and eat fish in a relaxed, casual, if somewhat mosquitoe-ridden atmosphere. I recommend the restaurant, but I also recommend a liberal dose of bug repellent as a pre-prandial precaution.


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  1. Hey, I've been there! And I am appropriately jellus.

    However, that is mitigated b/c I leave next week for some time on the Outer Banks where I will be able to feast on fresh seafood myself, in an equally picturesque, albeit more southern, setting.


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