Sunday, January 22, 2006

What passes for witty dialogue chez Poppy

[The scene--the Poppies' living room. Poppy is seated in a comfortable armchair with her laptop on her lap. A close-up reveals that she is reading Jasmine's shopping blog. That Stud Muffin Poppy Married enters from the stairs from the basement.]

That Stud Muffin Poppy Married: So I managed to get the van to start.
Poppy: Great!
SM: Yeah, I used that little red starting thing from the hardware store, and it worked. I'm going to go drive the van around for a while.
Poppy: OK.
SM: The problem was--you know the little lights over the dashboard? They were both on.
Poppy: Oh.
SM: So when you've been driving the van, you should set the timer for five minutes after you park it. Then go check to make sure the lights are off.
Poppy: ...
Poppy: ...
Poppy: Right.
SM: What's wrong?
Poppy: I know what you're doing.
SM: What? I just need to tell you this while I remember!
Poppy: OK, fine. That means you can cross it off your mental "to do" list. And then you're off the hook. But it doesn't occur to you that I might not be in intake mode at the moment.
SM: Well, when will you be in intake mode?
Poppy: ...
Poppy: Ask again later.
SM: OK, Miss Eight Ball.
Poppy: That's Miss Magic Eight Ball to you.

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  1. This is similar to the
    "not enough ram"
    line that K tries to give me when I ask him how he could possibly forget Youngest's birth date.


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