Thursday, March 02, 2006

TMI Alert! or, The Stomach Bug Count-Down

10: Times I have washed my hands so far this morning.
9: Age of the child with the whoopsy stomach.
8: Nothing (as in, she ate nothing this morning).
7: Long days in this week marred by stomach whoopsies.
6: Extra hours she'll be home today.
5: Separate food items prepared and packed in my son's lunchbox while feeling a bit unwell myself.
4: Outlets checked before I successfully found a three-prong outlet for the wet/dry vac.
3: Number of times my daughter has thrown up in her life.
2: Number of times my daughter has thrown up this week.
1: Number of times my daughter has thrown up today.

0: Number of times I had morning sickness while pregnant with my children.

The answer is clearly don't give birth--just stay pregnant.

p.s. Blackbird informed me that my site is loading really slowly. So I won't post any pictures. But I was totally going to. What? The carpeting on the stairs is so colorful!


  1. whilst pregnant with Oldest?
    I threw up from the time K and I got out of the bed, to the day they sugically removed him.

  2. I don't usually mention never having had morning sickness. Other women tend to hate me for it.

    Of course, this is nothing compared to the woman I know who went to her gyn for a regular check-up and discovered that she was about to deliver. And didn't have time to go home to get the already-packed bag. And had her baby about an hour later.

    She really never gets to tell her story.

  3. Wow. No morning sickness. I remember throwing up regularly in the (securely plastic bagged) wastebasket in my office. And the parking lot, but that's TMI.

    My sympathies to you and your sick little one.

    I just deleted my original blog, Housewives, Noir. It was WAY too high maintenance.

    My other two blogs are both main blogs, I guess. Ups N Downz was created for my Dave Barry's Blog friends. Lemon Life is my more fun blog. But I let my Dave Barry friends read it, too.

    Stop by anytime.

  4. But Poppy?

    Would you really want to have a nine year old hanging out in there? Besides, I think your WEEKS of labor kind of made up for that...

    True story: When Cass was two, he had a stomach bug and womited (aye, womiting bad, sir) over the downstairs carpet - Husband spent the next two days ripping it out - never thought of the wet/dry vac!

    (It was old nasty carpeting anyway, swirls of hell orange and I probably would have encouraged the kid to toss up on it before long...)


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