Sunday, September 03, 2006

Death and Taxes

Yesterday I went to the library.

See, once in a while I realize that my taxes actually pay for something that I, personally, can benefit from. Not "I" as in "well-meaning, decent citizens who believe in the public good" but "I" as in "Poppy Buxom." I mean, I'm all in favor of taxes, and I gladly hand bushels of money to any government that asks. In the Buxom household, the general attitude is: "Here, help yourself!" And the village of Newtopia, the city of Chicago, the town of New Castle, New Hampshire, the State of Illinois, and the federal government do just that.

It's as though these governmental bodies disguise themselves as envelopes and go out trick-or-treating via the U. S. Mail, and my husband and I gush over how cute they are and hand them a check. And that's the end of the transaction. Except that, from time to time, I find myself wondering: is that all there is to paying taxes? I mean, fun's fun, and all that, but somehow ... I don't know ... I start to wonder what's the point of it all.

But then, once in a while, it hits me. I'll see a public school, or a highway construction project, or a park, or a standing army, and I'll swell with pride in the realization that there are my tax dollars at work.

Lately I've been all agog over the public libraries. I realize that I helped pay for this large municipal building with insufficient parking--yet when I enter it, I'm the one acting like a kid on Halloween, grabbing handfuls of loot. "Free books! Who knew?"

Yesterday I came home with more Aubrey/Maturing stories, because I'm addicted. This one

and the next one, because I needed to grab it before someone else did. Because these are my tax dollars at work, people. Mine! Not yours!

I also got Joe Epstein's latest, because he's a pal of my father-in-law's, and it's all in the family, but if I hate it? It won't matter; it was free. My tax dollars paid for it!

While I was at it, I grabbed the following for my viewing pleasure

I could have gotten them from Netflix, but now I can save my Netflix fees for a movie I can't get for free.

And last, because I'm such a geek, I got

So just watch out, you overpriced web designers; I'm on to your little game. My tax dollars and I are going to whip your scrawny, CSS-coding butts.


  1. Welcome, new renter! I'll be pimping your site for your tomorrow...

  2. you quick CSS butt - you might want to start with posting only one copy of an entry at a time.

    Not that it hasn't happened to me.....


  3. I totally noticed that. No, really, I did. But when I tried to delete the extras, Blogger wouldn't cooperate with me.

    (In Blogger's defense--at one point there were three copies of the same entry up there. Not two. I am nothing if not thorough.)

    But thanks for MOCKING ME YOU BIG MEANIE because now I fixed it.

    p.s. Do you think I should send some tax money to Blogger?

  4. Your blog is fun and cool, but the black and white checks are giving me a migraine. Seriously.

  5. Wait.

    NH takes tax dollars from you? Do they do this to pretty much anyone there or are they just trying to make you feel more at home?


  6. It's New Hampshire, not Nirvana. They charge property taxes just like anyone else. There are no sales and no income taxes, but somebody has to pay for the public schools, and apparently the state liquor stores don't sell enough liquor to cover it.

    Before you say anything--I'm doing what I can in that respect, but I'm only one drinker.

  7. Have you donned indigenous person's attire and dumped tea in the hahbah?

    Just a thought,


    PS my WVW was "YBCOD." Y, indeed...


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