Wednesday, November 01, 2006

What I Should Have Said.

The next time somebody asks me
Are you coming?

I'm going to reply
Why? Does it show?


  1. Or ...

    "after you ..."
    "beeen waiting on you ..."

  2. "Not yet, but just ... don't move, okay?"

  3. "I've not yet begun to fight!"

    No, wait...

  4. Poppy,

    This woman is a WKW (well known weirdo) (unlike the rest of us who can fake normal). She acts that way to everyone.

    One of my friends refuses to even speak to her because she tried to convince her(my friend - an M.D.), that her daughter's DYSLEXIA could be helped by putting her on PROZAC. After all it works so well on her own children and self.

    I barely know her, but over the years have heard a number of bizarre stories about her. Her affect is off - ITS NOT YOU!!!!

  5. Dear Anonymous,

    Gosh, how on earth did you figure out whom I had in mind????

    Oh--and no, we're not going to the party, even if it does provide the opportunity to check out You Know Whom's house.


    Dear The Rest of You Perverts,

    I'm sitting in the lobby of The Autumn Inn in Northampton, Massachusetts, surrounded by Chippendale camel-back sofas, botanical preints, tole lanterns, Hitchcock painted woven rush chairs, and other Early Americana. And I just fell on the floor laughing.


  6. shut your mouth, miz poppy buxom!

    so dirty.


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