Saturday, December 30, 2006

The 12 Days of Blogmas: Day 6

We're heading for the airport in a couple of hours to fly to Chicago, where we will rendez-vous with the Jokes.

Of course, it has decided to snow today. But with luck, it won't slow down our flight.

And speaking of flights, it's time to enjoy the Six Geese a Laying. And so, The Opiate of the Masses proudly presents my very favorite, very pregnant geese; the so-called ladies I've been mocking for much of 2006 over at Mamarazzi:

Tori, who, coincidentally enough, appears to be wearing the brown bag her husband put over her head in order to get her knocked up in the first place.

Gwen Stefani, who actually sailed through her pregnancy looking comfortable and beautifully groomed, and about whom I have nothing catty to say.

Sorry; I don't have anything bad to say about Brooke, either. What a class act she is.

Ah, but now, my favorite husband-stealing, goth-dressing, tramp-stamped, walking orphanage, Angelina Jolie.

And this is the single funniest picture of a pregnant Britney I've ever seen. That is, if it's photoshopped. Otherwise, it's kind of sad.

This one ... well, I'm speechless. Can a pregnancy bump really look that much like ... well, not a pillow. It's more like Katie Holmes is smuggling an E-Meter under her pretty silky blouse.

And finally, Anna Nicole Smith, the silliest goose of all. She doesn't even know which gander fathered the egg she laid.


  1. The photo of Britney is hilarious.

    The photo of the new Mrs. Cruise is terrifying, however! Is she incubating some sort of body Thetans or something? I've never seen a baby bump so high and sticking straight out like that... The alien being appears ready to burst from her midsection, apparently, and nowhere near her lady-bits, where all the human children emerge.

    Word verification: ebaffl, like Katie's mysterious midsection bulge

  2. Love the e-meter reference!

    Say hi to the Jokes for me!

  3. Love the e-meter reference!

    Say hi to the Jokes for me!

  4. Oh. Ahem. Having a little Blogger trouble here.

    How embarrassing.


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