Monday, January 22, 2007

Is it just me, or does it really smell bad around here?

I've done several loads of wash today, and it's getting to the point where if I breathe with my mouth open, the air tastes like soap. Also, I'm feeling a little woozy, and my nose is stuffed up.

I blame this shit.

This is what I get for acting like an aging hippy, falling for a slick marketing campaign, and buying my laundry detergent at Whole Foods. I sneaked a sniff in the store and it seemed OK. Not something I'd want to bathe with myself, but good enough for the laundry.

The problem is that I don't actually like the smell of lavender very much. (I know, go figure. You think I'd love it, considering that I'm hopelessly Anglophilic, majored in English literature in college, revere Jane Austen, and drink tea instead of coffee. What with lavender's English, Victorian, olde-fashioned aura, it would seem to be tailor-made for me. But I don't, except when it's coming from an actual plant--or is fairly low-key.)

The Mrs. Meyers stuff is not low-key AT ALL. The entire first floor is permeated with the smell, even though my laundry is in the basement. I think I might keel over tonight while I wash the dinner dishes. Which I'll be doing for a long time tonight because I'm exactly the kind of do-goody baby-boomer retro housewife who cooks from scratch and dirties up every pan in the house--and recycles, and spends $249 on groceries at Whole Foods, and thinks she's saving the world by buying stinky detergent in a recycled jug with faux-old-fashioned lettering.

I'm sure Al Gore* is very pleased for what I'm doing for the environment, but this lavender shit isn't doing my immediate surroundings any favors.

* See below.


  1. I almost got roped in with the other flavor - lemon verbena or something? Luckily, Mr. Skin Flint was with me and said it was the soap or the cheese and well, couldn't lose the cheese...
    I buy the citrus Eco brand at Costco, generally. Every once in a while, I think I NEED to try a different thing. And oldest gets the hives and the neighbors get the new laundry detergent.
    Have you tried Method stuff?

  2. Eek! The dishwashing liquid smells like liquid, but will not infect your house with the scent. Have you tried Method products? I like the line (which I see at Target).

  3. If you're able to get out of Whole Foods for under $300, I think you're doing okay.

  4. The Seventh Generation lavender isn't too overwhelming. And Al Gore would still dig you.

  5. I stopped into a Whole Foods store for the first time over the holidays. When I saw that the cheapest gallon of milk was $4.69, I beat a hasty exit. Can't afford to eat that healthy or save that much of the environment.

  6. I am ALL ABOUT Tide with no fragrance at all. and I am not even allergic. I just hate all those fake fragrances. well, unless it's citrus Lysol disinfectant wipes, in which case, that's ok....

  7. I buy all unfragranced laundry products at Target, Tide, Bounce sheets and Downy free. I almost suckered for some lavender stuff yesterday and then realized DH would not want his boxers to smell that fresh.

  8. The "Ecover" lavender stuff isn't bad at all -- it's just enough lavender to wipe out the glycerine soap smell.

    I hope Whole Foods carries it. They just ate the local organic grocery store and are preparing to open in their new location on Valentine's Day of all things.

    I can see the writing in the sand already -- Buy Our Crappy Store-Brand Organic or Go Broke with Name Brands.

    Either Way, the Money's Ours. Bwah Hah Hah.


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