Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Grinch Who Stole Valentine's Day

Today I was supposed to get all dressed up in something red and festive, head up the road to get my hair and nails done, then, while looking like a crazed blood clot absolutely smashing drive downtown to rehearse with one of my singing groups,

go to a St. Valentine's Day tea party here,

and then have dinner with my husband.

I just blew it all off. In short order, I canceled the hair and nails, the rehearsal, the babysitter, the tea party, and the dinner.

In case you haven't heard, it's snowing in Chicago. And about every five minutes, I get another email from the National Weather Service advising me to stay home. And who am I to argue with the National Weather Service? Especially since my car has been in the shop since November 19th, due to some trifling misunderstanding it had with the rear end of a Mercedes Benz.

Not actually my car. Or me. You can tell because this woman is
smiling,and I have not had the chance to smile while in
close proximity to my VW in months. And months.

And frankly, I'm damned if I'm going to plow downtown in my smoking hot minivantm badger only to smash that one up, too.


  1. why IS your car still in the shop?

    I thought I was the only person in THE WORLD who's car get's laid up for months at a time...

  2. Actually, I only own the rights to the term "badass minivan". So you can use the other all you want.

  3. Ooooh, is the Valentine's Day tea party one of those things in which ladies of a certain age wear red while their little sisters wear pink?

    Does anybody get to wear silly hats?

    If so, I am so there!

  4. You had to pass on B's tea partay? My condolences to the Guest family.

    -J., bastid

  5. I am sorry you had a bad Valentines day! Hopefully the rest of the year will make it up to you.

  6. I can totally relate. I kept The Boy home yesterday from pre-school because I thought it was going to be closed -- and it wasn't! So he totally missed his Valentine's Day party, which he doesn't even realize, so I don't feel too bad. but.... we got to spend the whole day together, holed up in the condo and it was so delightful!

  7. I had a car smash in Dec with my minivan. It was scary !!! I just found out that the guy's insurance will pay half! Woo hoo! I have never been to Chicago and if I were to visit I gotta go to OPRAH!!


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