Thursday, February 08, 2007

I am woman, hear me roar.

I know. It's Thursday. Where the hell have I been?

Mostly hunkered down at home. And when I've gone out, I've been an exercise in political incorrectness. I'm head to toe fur. Check it out:

silk/cashmere knit hat with mink trim
silk/cashmere knit scarf with mink
mink coat
kid gloves with cashmere lining
black shearling boots with all
kinds of fluffy ski bunny shearling-ocity

You know those people who are always picketing in front of Neiman Marcus holding up placards with big gruesome pictures of skinned animals and signs saying FUR KILLS? They would be all over me about this outerwear of mine.

Except they're not there. I'm guessing it's too cold for them. Come to think of it, you only see them out there during the summer. Tsk tsk. What a disappointment to realize that the protester who spends his summers yelling "Nobody needs to wear fur" is actually a pussy who can't deal with zero-degree weather.

Maybe I should volunteer to carry the placards for them. (Suitably dressed for the weather, of course.)


I love being obnoxious.

Because you know what? I agree with them. It's true. Nobody needs fur.

But when it's zero degrees out, it's nice to put on the pelts. It's the difference between being miserable and having a kind of Hans Castorp-on-The Magic Mountain "I know! Let's go for a sleigh ride!" outlook.

But I guess you Vegans are going to have to trust me on this.


  1. Nobody needs fur?

    I need fur!

    Mink, preferably.

  2. "Ooh, Ed, you sounded just like Dirty Harry just then."


  3. OK, what's that quotation from?

    (God, I am such an old fogie.)

  4. That's from Ferris Bueller's Day Off. From the scene when the Principal (Ed Rooney) goes off on a rant about FB and at the end thereof, that was the line delivered by the incomparable Edie McClurg.


    P.S. I've always thought of you as a fogey of a certain age.

  5. Minks need fur.

    But not if they're dead.

  6. Was cruising Diesel and saw this beautiful Mucha. Do you just like that one pic or are you a Mucha Maniac? Do tell. Do tell. And yes, I must know. I must. I must. (too much mel brookes, i know....)

  7. 1. Hate Ferris Bueller, and basically, anything with Matthew Broderick, up to and including Sarah Jessica Parker.

    2. Admire Mucha; used to have a room full of posters when I was a teenager; however, wouldn't call myself a maniac.

    I hope that makes everything clear.

  8. apropos of exactly nothing, I miss your old template.

  9. Aren't you glad I made you such a nice banner on :)


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