Thursday, April 05, 2007

And then the Christmas tree fell over and crushed the Easter Bunny

There are three signs that Easter is coming to the Buxom household. And when you hear what they are, you will know why you should ignore everything I say.

1. The temperature is hovering around freezing, and it's even thinking about snowing. Easter in Chicago is so much like Christmas everywhere else that I'm tempted to sing carols.

2. Instead, I am constantly driving to rehearsals, donning my choir robe, and singing lugugrious Tudor motets. My children have forgotten what I look like and about to flunk out of school. They've got the collywobbles from a non-stop diet of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese and hot dogs. My study looks like a bomb went off.

3. Our Nativity scene is still up.

Not that I want to complain--yet again--that I'm overbooked and completely unorganized, but I am. And this means that according to this household, the Baby Jesus never went to Egypt with the rest of the Holy Family. He's still on the table with the rest of the gang--angels, donkeys, shepherds, the cute campfire, the tiny well, camels, Wise Men--the works.

Boy, is He going to be surprised that while he was lying there in the manger, being gazed at by an adoring Virgin Mary figure, He grew to manhood, was put to death, and then came back to life.

Internet, my housecleaning team joins you in finding me deeply strange.


  1. Isn't that the definition of 'performance art?'

    See, your children are malnourished but so! avant! (advent?) garde!

  2. Poppy, our neighbors still have the glowing life-size plastic Nativity scene in their front yard. And I just noticed that I still have our "Happy Holidays!" doormat greeting our visitors.

    Love the next to last paragraph. And the last one as well.

  3. My feet are clean and refreshed.


  4. Not a Lame-o. I have a feeling you have offended a certain Catholic by even suggesting that you might be.

    My Christmas tree and nativity are both still up. My Valentine's flowers were too, but they came down an hour before my parents arrived since I didn't want them to think I don't get rid of dead roses.

    Happy Good Friday, n'at. I posted a very interesting article about how wierd today is.

  5. Just say it's part of the Life Of Jesus diorama.

    You could be on TV!


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