Thursday, August 30, 2007

Lighting Candles

Life has been all kinds of busy, Internet, hence my lack of verbiage.

And because I could get Carpel Tunnel Syndrome trying to fill you in, I'll let the pictures do the talking.

Last Saturday we realized school was about to start

Oh no, school is starting

and we felt pretty ambivalent about it,

Hey mom, am I lifting on eyebrow?

so we went to Warren's in Kittery, ME for one last big-ass dessert

Ice Cream Ecstacy

before packing up the car and heading back to Illinois.

On the way we spent the night in Chautauqua, which is all kinds of adorable

Cute little restaurant

what with the porches bedecked with vases of gladiolas

Cute, cute, cute

the pedestrian-friendly streets,

On the way to the bookstore

the cultural offerings,

On the way to the plaze we passed these kiosks telling us what we'd missed

and a really good bookstore. (If you haven't heard of the Chautauqua Institute, you could read this interesting Wikipedia entry or get the brief version from me; it's a resort for intellectuals, where the focus has always been adult education.)

So that was fun.

Then it was home to inspect the damage from the big storm that struck the Chicago area while we were eating ice cream in New Hampshire. So I bid you welcome to my back yard

Tree in the back yard
See how it fills the entire driveway?

and you can see what my first order of business was.

It was obviously not to get my son a haircut, so he went off to school somewhat on the shaggy side but relatively cheerful about the start of the school year.

Back to school closeup

Unlike his mother, who vacillates between full-on nausea and a sense of impending doom

Summer is almost over

because my next tasks were: 1. to get the building permits that will make it legal for the construction people to rip out the kitchen and two of the bathrooms;

and 2. To join Weight Watchers. Where I got weighed in. Shall we see that again?

Oh no, school is starting

So now, I am figuring out this whole Weight Watchers Flex Plan Jargon Thing. And Tracking Points. And keeping the Supreme Dieting Icon candle lit:

A candle for St. Weight Loss

All I need now are two more candles: St. Jude Pray for Me as I Oversee Homework and St. Joseph Watch Over My House as It Is Remodeled.


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  2. Master Buxom looks, strangely, like a younger and more brunet version of Jamie Oliver.


    (So I cannot type. Sue me.)

  3. Wow... so that's what happened to my tree...

  4. I hope Jamie Oliver--whoever he is--is good-looking. Or you'll be in deep doodoo, my friend.

  5. Hey - I just heard that wine is only 1 point!

  6. We've lit the St. Jude Pray for Me as I Oversee Homework candle, as well as the St. Peter Pray For Me Before I Go Raise Hell At Our Public School candle.

    Welcome home.

  7. Master Buxom looks nothing like he did the last time I saw him. Which is understandable, as the last time I saw him, he was an infant (and I was friendly with his sitter-at-the-time, Leah).

  8. Hey, I'm a Weight Watcher's person! It's a good system (says the person who is hiding from meetings because she is a lifetime member who is supposed to be at her goal weight and isn't).

  9. Okay, you're not allowed to take pictures of yourself any more. :)

  10. blackbird, wine is one point for 2 ounces. No one drinks just two ounces

    Love the photos Poppy. You may want to remove yours at some point in time before you see it in a You Tube video :)

  11. Oh, the young Buxoms are lovely.

    Mama Buxom looks like she just got the note about the points on wine.

  12. dear me. those photos of chautauqua caught me by surprise. now i'm all pining for my childhood, and camp on the lake where, if you were lucky, you could get a sailboat ride across to the institute for ice cream. *sigh*

  13. Jamie Oliver is lovely and English and lovely and a chef. And he's lovely. As are your kids.

    I love that not only is there a Diet Icon, but there's a Supreme Diet Icon. I gotta get me one of those. Wonder if it works for heathens like me.


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