Sunday, September 02, 2007


Weight Watchers GIANT (sic) Chocolate Fudge Ice Cream Bars are really good.

Really, REALLY good.

No wonder that out of a box of six, my children have allowed me to have exactly one. They're that good. They don't have any fake sugar, either.

And they're only one point each!

This message brought to you courtesy of Poppy Buxom, who, not coincidentally, joined Weight Watchers on Wednesday. It is not a pay-for-post, even though it reads like one.


  1. I start this Thursday.

    We can writer nonsensical posts due to hunger pangs greater than the worst contractions known to womankind.

  2. Dare I ask are you going to post progress pics on Flikr as you go?

  3. Nice of your kids to share one with you.

  4. Try the WW toffee crunch bars. They're 2 points, but delicioso! The crunchy chocolate coating tastes so decadent.

    Also, Sugar-Free Fudgsicles are .5 point each, so you can have two for the same points as one GIANT Fudge Ice Cream bar. They're probably smaller, so you could also enjoy just one for half the points, if you wanted, as well. (More points for wine!)

    Just thought I'd let you know.

  5. I guess the sugar-free part does imply fake sugar though, huh?

    So perhaps not so much for you & your household, after all...

  6. I'm starting this on Thursday, too. Good to know. I'll have to hide them from Boo, who looooooves chocolate (or, as she calls it, cocklick. Seriously. I refuse to even think the word when I'm out in public. I don't want DSS knocking down my door.)

  7. You go, girl (sez someone who is a life member and really needs to get back with the program)!

  8. The giant drumsticks are 2 points and larger than the toffee bars.
    If you like light artificially flavored yogurt there are tempting flavors of Dannon lite and fit for just one point.

    More to follow.....

  9. so, see, my problem would be that i would eat 20 of them, thus leaving me with 2 points for all actual meals.

  10. Kristen, I think 20 fudge bars would be enough to fill you up most of the day. And then the giant sugar crash that evening would keep you sleeping all night so the hunger pangs didn't annoy you too much.

  11. The pharmacise across the street from my parents' house banned NutraSweet from her home back in, like, the 1980's. She didn't know anything in specific, but she knew it was bad.

    Now all the news of the "metabolic inhibitors" and what-not.

    Eat the sugar, be happy.

    Next: I'm certain there is evil lurking in high fructose corn syrup.


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