Sunday, October 07, 2007

St. Francis 1/Angels 0

I spent a very long time in church today. The usual service, the usual rehearsal, and then the first Evensong of the season.

Today we celebrated St. Francis. But we haven't had a lot of time for extra rehearsals of Evensong music. So we sang a bunch of boring, not very difficult or interesting stuff. Which I didn't exactly have note perfect.

But it was OK, because we were being drowned out by a bunch of dogs barking. Because Evensong was also the Blessing of the Animals, where people bring their pets to church for a blessing.

So, it's hot. And humid. And I just spent a long time listening to dogs bark. One of them even pooped on the carpet covering the main aisle of the Cathedral.

(I'm sure there's some fancy ecclesiastical term for that location, like the way they always say "narthex" when they mean "entrance," and "undercroft" when they mean "basement," but honestly, people ... I've spent my entire adult life listening to church mice spout this terminology, and I've never been capable of learning it.)

But when I got home, the Red Sox were almost finished sweeping the Angels. So I watched that, which was enjoyable. Now I'm watching the Indians play the Yankees. So far things are going my way.

And That Stud Muffin I Married is cooking steak for dinner. And tomorrow? No school.

Which means, I guess, that a day that started out a dog is looking way, way up.


  1. I apse-olutely know what you mean. But then I'm a nave.

    Go Sox!

  2. @echo: Lovin it!

    Darling MIL freaked when they baptised a baby at her church today then went outside and used the same holy water to bless the dogs. She called me long distance, "They were baptising dogs!" Actually Mom, they weren't. Wait until I tell her about the dogs INSIDE your cathedral!

    Anyway, that's a shame about Evensong. I can't carry a tune, but I sure look forward to hearing it. I wonder sometimes if in the spirit of progressive inclusion, we put aside too much of our church identity. Just a thought.

  3. Well, the *spit* Yankees won tonight, so it's not all good, but it's pretty darned close.

    I recently sang a mass by Durufle that was a horror show. The man hated vocalists. And I'm not too fond of him, truth be told. Because while I am not a religious person by any stretch of the imagination, I do like the music, the pomp and the circumstance. It's lovely.

  4. I'd much rather hear a baby screaming during service than see a dog poop on the carpet. At the least the first one doesn't involve fecal matter.

    I wish we'd gotten Columbus Day off here. :-(

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