Friday, November 09, 2007

NaBloPoMo 9: The good, the bad, and the fattening

I took a day off from my usual hamster-in-a-wheel treadmill-trotting today.

(Yes, I'm aware that it's oh-so-ironic that I was just bragging about needing my exercise endorphins. Whatever.)

Because I also need rewards. Fitting into the clothes I already owned that got too tight is great, but I have to admit, the idea of buying something new has a lot of allure. So after some debate (because I couldn't decide whether it was stupid to buy a coat that fits me now, when I have no intention of staying the size I am now) I bought a new coat.

Isn't it pretty? Well ... not pretty. Classic. Actually, I think it moves past classic into completely comatose, but for better or worse, that's the kind of taste I have. I've been jonesing for a camel's hair coat since 1990, when I first saw Carolyn Farina wear one as Audrey Rouget inMetropolitan .

I just realized something. That was seventeen years ago. And I've lost 17 pounds. The coat, she was fated to be mine!

Then, after a busy day of shopping and getting my hair cut, I came home and ate everything in the apartment. All that stuff I buy "for the kids." The Halloween candy the neighbors had out "for the kids."

It makes me wonder why my kids don't weigh 175 pounds too.

But my son got his braces off today. That means I don't have the handy excuse of eating the chewy stuff for him. So that's good.

But I'm not looking forward to adding up my points. Earth to Poppy: eat more lunch.

This weekend I have a reunion with a bunch of people I haven't seen since seventh grade. I'm already anticipating the naked terror I'll see on their faces when they realize what puberty did to me.


  1. The coat is beautiful. Because of the clasic lines it will also tailor beautifully when you have it taken in next year. Congratulations to the boy on his new smile!

  2. What a gorgeous coat!!!!

    When I wear my camel coat, I feel 6' tall and as thin as a super model.

  3. I'm here via BlogExplosion and LOOOOOOOVE that coat - excellent expenditure of cash!


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