Monday, November 05, 2007

NaBloPoMo 5: It would be wonderful if the following activities burned lots of calories:

1. Driving
2. Blabbing people's heads off
3. Blow-drying my hair
4. Sitting in my son's IEP meeting
5. Wondering whether I was going to be late to my daughter's Girl Scout Meeting
6. Feeling my daughter's forehead; deciding she's running a fever; bringing her home
7. Bringing my daughter a cup of tea in bed
8. Sorting laundry
9. Hauling wet clothes out of the washing machine
10. Folding clothes and putting them away

and, of course, in a perfect world, the top calorie-burning activity would be

11. blogging

But nooooooo ... that's not enough activity. That won't squeeze the fat out of my fat cells. So I hopped around on the elliptical for an hour, and then swam 14 lengths of the pool. Which is only something like a seventeenth of a mile.

Can anyone tell me WHY I signed up for a sprint Triathlon? I can't figure it out. I may be losing fat cells, but I'm losing brain cells, too.


  1. Beats me. Are you serious? A triathlon? I'm just happy to do my walk every morning without peeing in my pants when I cough.

  2. I have NO IDEA why you signed up for a sprint triathlon. It seems to me that your Monday was busy enough.

  3. I think the fumes they're using to remodel are killing some of your brain cells Poppy.

    A Sprint Triathlon?

    Are you mad woman?

  4. I think losing fat DOES suck out brain cells with it. Have you ever watched those AIRHEADS on the Nutrisystem commercials?? OMG!! Bimbo city!! Be careful!!!

  5. Dude, i did a sprint triathlon when I was ten weeks preggers with Seg. It was still a blast - but watch out, those triathletes are SERIOUS. It's not like a road race where it's all camaraderie and smiles and encouragement - you fuck up the pacing of your heat and you'll get glared at and growled at. That said, you'll have fun. I did. Ignore anyone n a wet suit, okay?


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