Wednesday, January 16, 2008


This morning I went to my Weight Watchers meeting, and that's what I weighed today.

This is up from 175, which is what I weighed on December 19th, the last time I went to a meeting. In fact, I haven't weighed this much since Halloween.

But you know what? It feels great.

Because I honestly felt as though I'd gained not three pounds back, but 15. I feel seedy, all flabby and just generally icky.

It must be because I haven't been working at AT ALL. I haven't been to the gym since we all moved back into the house on December 5th. I don't have that I'm-made-of-Silly-Putty rubbery, bouncy, firm feeling you get when you're using your muscles to do something other than drink wine and eat cheese and crackers.

Still, it felt good to face the music. Especially because things weren't as bad as I imagined they'd be.

And so to help myself get back on track, I bought a WW magazine as I left the meeting, and a Shape at the supermarket (where I stocked up on broccoli, Clementines, shrimp, and Skinny Cows, OK?) I plan to steep myself in motivational literature. And start tracking my points again. And re-lose those three pounds.

As God is my witness, I'm going to get under 174 pounds. Even if I have to bore the internet into a coma.


  1. Hey good for you - that scale thing - I never beleive them anyway. I think it's all how you feel! You go grrlll!

  2. Hi, Poppy - found you through bb. Good for you for only gaining 3 over the holidays! The national average, they told us at WW before Thanksgiving, is plus 10. So your gain of three is really like losing seven. Sort of. I lost 20 on WW (the same 20 I've lost twice before) and have maintained it since August, but just barely. Must. Re-. Focus.

    Like your site!

  3. I hate scales. Especially when they are mean like that.

    Hang in there!


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