Wednesday, January 02, 2008

On the Ninth Day of Blogmas, my true love gave to me








and a.

p.s. The fried chicken was a hit, and people had seconds of Hopping John. And then I did dishes for hours and hours and hours, or at least, it seemed that way. Leftovers for dinner, an episode of House and Clueless on the DVD player, much wine and no more visitors make for a happy Poppy.

p.p.s. Can you believe that Clueless came out 12 years ago? Yes, it really was that long ago that girls were running around in miniskirts and those tall socks (or were they short stockings) and saying "whatever." Oh, well. Whatever.

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  1. Sick, really sick.

    And I'm so clueless, I haven't seen it yet...I was too busy having babies that decade.


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