Saturday, January 26, 2008


Please pick the item, unearthed in our most recent round of decluttering, that would send you into the deepest shame spiral:

  • posters from Mr. Buxom's college dorm room (he graduated 22 years ago)

  • the George Michael "Faith" cassette I used to fuel my daily run the summer before we got married (19 years ago)

  • a Macintosh Centris (released 15 years ago) complete with lots and lots of 3.5-inch disks of data

  • the plastic smocks the kids wore to do messy art projects when they were in preschool (about seven or eight years ago)

  • the Halloween costume my daughter wore four years ago

  • a bag of quilted, heavy-duty diaper-service diapers I bought almost 13 years ago


  • a single, much-worn pair of rubber pants

There will be no winners and no prizes. Because you obviously

wouldn't want anything I have. Because obviously everything I

have is covered in diaper cooties.


  1. The smocks and the costume are not shameful AT ALL.

    If the diapers were not used, they make awesome cleaning rags.

    Can't help you with the posters, cassette, disks or rubber pants though.

  2. The posters are pathetic. What, your husband really thought that you would ever in a million years let him hang them in your house?

  3. I'd say chuck 'em all. Even the Farrah Fawcett posters. But then, I've filled a dumpster or two with household clutter.

  4. As Wendy said, keep the diapers. They make the best cleaning cloths ever. Epecially for wiping up spills quickly. Wish I had some but all of mine finally died a furniture polish death a while back.

    Toss EVERYTHING else immediately. Or take the poster, if they are in good condition, to a resale shop. People collect those babies.

  5. we are clearly living parallel lives. In the past two weeks, I have thrown out/recycled/freecycled every single one of those sorts of items (my computer was a Gateway, however).

    what did *you* do with all the photo christmas cards of children you haven't seen in ten years?

  6. I adore that George Michael song.

    I think the rubber pants are probably the worst.

  7. See, I don't think any of them are particularly shameful.

    Posters? his problem, his shame. Not yours. Yours to point and catcall about his taste.
    Cassette? Lots of good memories.
    An antique computer? E-bay that bad boy!
    Aw, kid stuff. So hard to part with.
    Costumes? More kid stuff.
    Diapers? Not used, right? 'Cause THAT would be something to be 'shamed about...but great polishing cloths!

    And I'm not going to ask WHY you have rubber pants.

    So, no shame. But dude, take the whole load out to the curb.

    Have a little 'Faith' in yourself.

    (Aw, come on. Nobody else made the pun??)

  8. And when you're done with your husband's crapola, would you please come deal with my husband's crapola? Such as, posters from parties his fraternity threw 20 years ago, a pair of 1980s black boots (with criss-crossing straps), college era t-shirts, Little League trophies from the 1970s, and so forth.

    I feel no shame, only a bit of irritation that we're still storing this shit in our wee house.

  9. Come on, Poppy. I have a brick from my husband's fraternity house, taken before they tore that mother down.

    I have a Wendy's shirt that I have no reason to have because no one I know worked at Wendy's.

    One cassette tape? Count yourself lucky.

    And Christmas photo cards - can't bring myself to part with them.

    And I wish I had those diapers. I could clean the fool out of some stuff.

  10. I'll take the diapers. For dustrags at my office in a building so old there's ALWAYS dust on EVERYTHING.


  11. MUCH worn rubber pants.
    What the?
    Please tell me they're from a weird weight-loss regime.

  12. I used to have a pile of crap in the basement until my neat freak hubby went postal. (Don't worry I survived) My life is a constant battle against clutter!

  13. if i win the barbie dolls and you're sending them to Malaysia, I don't mind taking the costume, too. does that confirm the brainiac in me? :P


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