Monday, January 21, 2008

Today is Martin Luther King Day. But it's also

the birthday of the Queen of the Known Universe. That's right, people. Poppette turned 11 today.
- - - - -
Dear Poppette,

Today you're one hundred and thirty two months 11 years old. This is you on your tenth birthday:

And now you're eleven. And you've grown up so much.

In many ways, you're still my little girl. You're crazy about sweets--especially chocolate.

The joy of an Ice Cream Bombe at Warren's

You still have those cute baby cheeks.

At the Dolphin Striker in Portsmouth

Your room is still overflowing with stuffed animals--especially Minnie Mouse.

But you've had a lot of new experiences this year, and we've enjoyed watching you rise to the challenge. You were the flower girl at my sister's wedding.

You were absolutely perfectly composed for the ceremony. Then you danced like a maniac at the reception, ending up with a couple of Daddy/Daughter dances.

You went to a new camp, where you finally learned to swim. And you turned into a real water baby, much to the surprise and pleasure of the swimming coach--not to mention your parents.

And zut alors, you've been to Paris! Where again, you behaved beautifully. I will never forget showing you the Botticellis at the Louvre. As well as what's her name--the lady Da Vinci painted. You know the one.

Oh, that's right. Mona Poppette.

We are so proud of you.

Happy Birthday, Poppette!



  1. Happy, Happy Birthday, Poppette!

    Aw! She looks like her Mama!

    What a glorious girl!

  2. Happy happy day to the delightful Poppette...

    and thank you for sharing your room.
    (We promise there were no boys in it.)

  3. The happiest of happy birthdays to Mademoiselle Poppette!!

    My girl child will be 11 this year, too. Holy crap.

  4. Happy birthday, Poppette. I think your mom & dad love you.

  5. A Happy Belated Birthday, she's beautiful.

  6. What a lovely young lady! Happy birthday, Poppette!

  7. What an elegant looking child!

    Happy Birthday to Poppette!

  8. What a beautiful young lady!
    Happy Birthday Poppette!

  9. Happy (belated) birthday, Poppette!

  10. Happy Birthday Poppette! Hugs and kisses from the internet

  11. And here I was with a head about to explode at the cold hard reality of my Ogga boy turning 10 next month.

    You realise this puts us all on a trajectory to being parents to teenagers...

    And my word verification is 'frats' which seems appropriate.


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