Saturday, June 07, 2008

Such excitement! So many links!

In the past two days, I've mostly recovered from necrosis of the tonsils.

I've attended a strangely enjoyable black tie event in the company of Wendy, one of Jen Lancaster's many friends. Wendy came with her husband, which is pretty amazing right there.

You see, many members of my blogging posse (blackbird, Susie Sunshine, Carol-in-Texas) profess to have husbands, but do you ever see them? No, you do not.

For all I know, these purported "husbands" are invisible six-foot rabbits like in that Jimmy Stewart movie. (You know, the one where he played a tall, skinny, gangly, shy fellow who may or may not be completely mental.)

You will be glad to hear that Wendy's husband is extremely nice (in other words, was willing to show up) funny (laughed at my jokes) and adorable (has all his hair) and on top of that, doesn't appear to be at all mental.

OK, so after that, this morning my husband and I got up at what the Spanish call el cracko del dawno to take our daughter to Girls on the Run Chicago at Montrose Harbor. And watched her run a 5K.

I'll just say that this is the first and ONLY 5K done by any member of my family. And I'm not just proud, I'm verklempt-proud.

THEN I came home and gave myself a pedicure and changed into pink and green to look cute when Wendy and I went to see Jen Lancaster appear with Stephanie Klein on a panel overseen by Stacey Ballis at the Printer's Row Book Fair.

And soon, best-beloveds, I shall treat you to pictures of most of this. But with all the excitement and fresh air and sunshine? I came home and FELL ASLEEP.

And therefore, soon, sooner, soonest? I'll be going TO BED.


  1. You left out the part where you looked gorgeous at the party.


  2. Yes, do we get to see party photos?

  3. Oooh, my name got dropped.

    You know why I wanted to go to the event on Friday, don't you? To see my guy in his tuxedo.

  4. Harvey. The rabbit (and the movie) are named "Harvey." I love that movie. No one but Jimmy Stewart could have pulled that off.

  5. Yep. Wendy's husband is aces.
    Just my type too - tall tall tall.

  6. blackbird, honey. Compared to you, EVERYONE is tall tall tall.

    SuburbanC: Confession. I knew it it was Harvey. I was riffing on a line about Tom Cruise, where somebody said "in that movie with Tom Cruise--you know, the one where he played a cocky young guy."

    But when you think about Rear Window, Vertigo, It's a Wonderful Life, The Philadelphia Story and After the Thin Man (in addition to Harvey) really, did he ever play a different part?

  7. Yes, but how do we know that YOU are not completely mental and making up said husband? Hmmmm?

  8. Ask blackbird whether the Chicago lawyer she's crushing on is real. :D


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