Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tired. List.

1. I finished Bergdorf Blondes, and realized I didn't remember it because I had it confused with a Sophie Kinsella book. But I had already read it. And I realized that after only about 100 pages.

2. It's hot here. I'm really enjoying the air-conditioning. Unfortunately it's very dry, too, so I spent a long time today outside dead-heading and watering plants and engaging in pitched battle with Japanese beetles. I became extremely moist, and not in a fun, saucy, Bergdorf Blondes way.

3. Japanese beetles are disgusting. I catch them in my bare hand and throw them into a jelly jar full of soapy water. That I am willing to wrastle big ugly shiny bugs with my bare hands is a testament to how much I hate the way they chew through my roses.

4. Japanese beetles are also very slow and easy to catch. They tend to gather in twos and threes and they kind of cuddle inside the rose blossoms. I have come to the reluctant conclusion that they are enjoying a spot of post-coital Japanese beetle bliss. Which skeeves me out like you wouldn't believe.

5. I fed my children dog food for dinner. OK, not dog food. But a shameless amount of leftovers.

6. I made up for this by taking them to Starbucks for frappucinos and cake. Their treats and my grande skinny sugar-free iced vanilla latte cost me $17.33.

7. Have I mentioned that I'm giving away a $25 Starbucks gift card? If you haven't entered, please do.

8. I watched The Love Parade tonight (Paramount: Lubitsch, 1929.) God, I love Maurice Chevalier.

9. Marx Brothers movies like Night at the Opera and Duck Soup are even funnier if you've seen a couple of Ernst Lubitsch Ruritanian musicals.

10. That's the last semi-intelligent thought you're going to get out of me. It's late.


  1. I love the Marx brothers. I don't think anything could improve them. Well, except for fast-forwarding through the musical numbers.

  2. Gah. I remember Japanese beetles from my childhood in Ohio. I've never seen one down here, thank God. (And ... catching them in your bare hands? Don't they PINCH? That's what the big kids told me.)

  3. diesal: Trust me; once you've heard Jeannette MacDonald warble a few numbers, the Marx brother are even funnier.

    badger: Alas, the big kids were just trying to scare you.

  4. So, what's wrong with leftovers? I must have missed that message.

  5. Don't feel bad. I thought that Bergdorf Blondes was pretty un-memorable, too. ;-)

    And Japanese beetles are massively fun to flick away.

  6. "If ah nahtingahl cood seeng lahk ewe..."


  7. Ernst Lubitsch Ruritanian musicals, oh those were the days. OK so I've never seen one or thought about one. But we all move on and luckily we've had those days, though. And now we have other stuff. Luckily I made it out to see Colleen Moore in Her Wild Oat, with piano accompaniment. It is a truly funny 1927 silent about class salvaged from somewhere in eastern Europe.


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