Wednesday, November 05, 2008

... but that dress? Sucked.

And I'm not the only one who feels that way.

It actually doesn't look so bad in this picture.

One of the groups I sing with is made up of 12 women, all of whom are incredibly sharp. One of them is a personal shopper at Saks.

I always try to clean up my sorry act when I head downtown to rehearse with them. Today I showed up a little late and caught everyone talking about the rally in Grant Park.

Did they talk about how well-behaved the crowd was, or how crowded it was, or how proud they felt of Chicago? Maybe. But when I got there, they were all agreeing about one thing: Worst. Dress. Ever. Everyone thought the black belt thingie made her look pregnant.

What do you think? Lovely or lava lamp?


  1. It draw my eye only to the red. Which are ... um... strange places to focus on.

    I *do* like that red and black are anarchy colours though. :P

  2. In that pic it looks okay. Otherwise, she should have left the belt-y thing off.

  3. Liked the colors, hated the dress. Can't wait to see the inaugural ball gown! Maybe your Saks friend should help?

  4. She's no Jackie. The little girl's dresses were cute though.


  5. Oh dear...I never really looked at it. Not a good choice, although I like that the whole family matched.

  6. I think it's better than what Hillary showed up in for her similar wifey event a few years ago.


  7. I attributed it to a Faulknerian statement about racial struggle.

  8. oh god, it was awful. and normally she's pretty chic.

  9. dammit!
    I wish we could discuss this sort of thing on yahoo!

    What do you think about the matching family?

  10. My first thought upon re-watching her walk out on stage was "Yikes, I wouldn't have chosen that dress." It's not very flattering.

  11. She's a lovely woman, but that was not a great choice.

    Then again, I thought that Cindy McCain's 1970s harvest gold suit looked like a sack on her.

  12. Has anyone found a good up-close picture of Michelle and the dress? Or the dress sans Michelle? I can't figure out what's going on with the belt-y thing and the shrug-y thing...they seem to be working at cross-purposes.

    What it looks like to me is that the dress was meant to have just the belt-thingy and might have hung just right and done what it was supposed to without that shrug. The shrug makes it look like someone without a clue picked the dress for her, and left her to be the sensible one and find something to cover up with so she wouldn't freeze totally to death out there!

    Now if it turns out that the belt and shrug are all one thing, I'm outta ideas.

  13. Y'all are just jealous. I should look half that good...

  14. THANK YOU! I thought, hmmm, is a puppy the only new thing gonna be at the White House?

    Lava lamp hadn't occurred to me. I see that.

    (Isn't it great that we can finally say things like this, because she's now our First Lady-Elect?)


  15. So... what's the deal with all the talk about what freaking kind of DOG they're going to get? You become president and you HAVE to get a DOG? If they do not already have one when WHY does anyone think they HAVE to get a damn dog *now*?? And the dress?? ick.

  16. don't care for the dress
    but I'm so glad she's there
    I don't care about the dress!

  17. For some reason, it reminded me of a teletubby. Did not like!


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