Monday, November 24, 2008

Mamarazzi Monday: New York Times declares itself a member of Team Jen

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I don't know why anyone should be particularly surprised that Angelina Jolie is gifted at self-promotion. But that's what The New York Times was reporting on Saturday--that Angelina Jolie is a superb media manipulator the likes of which haven't been seen since the glory days of Leni Reifenstahl.

And then on Sunday, whose picture ended up on the cover of the magazine? Jennifer Aniston's.

So I guess we know whose side they're on.

But back to Angelina. Hello? First she was wearing a vial of Billy Bob Thornton's blood around her neck, and the next thing you know, she's Mother Theresa's body double. Of course she's good at PR.

At any rate, I felt it was my duty to head over to Mamarazzi this morning and strike a blow for journalistic integrity.

Because what says "journalistic integrity" more than calling Angelina Jolie a "tramp-stamped, husband-stealing skank?"

Also, Angie?


That dress does make you look fat.


  1. A "tramp-stamped, husband-stealing skank"? Oh my, that's actually polite compared to what I've been mentally calling HIM, which is "lying, cheating sack of shit."

  2. They deserve each other. And I don't mean that in a nice way.

  3. My theory is that soon, very soon, Brad will find himself alone, confused, standing on Jen's doorstep and blinking into the sunlight.

  4. I've been saying that for years - hello? Does marriage mean anything to those two?

  5. I've always suspected that, somehow, Agenda is an anagram of Angelina.

    Well, it ought to be.

  6. Aww, come on -- it takes two to tango. From what I read in Star? US Weekly? in the checkout line, Jen refused to have a baby with him until she was sure he would STOP cheating on her.

  7. Sorry. I'm on team Angie. Love her enough to marry her myself. PR is when you sit on your ass doing nothing and spin doctors make you look good. I'd hardly call Angie's contributions to children doing nothing.

    Have disliked Jen since the beginning of her career, and consider her recent public comments to be both tacky and pathetic. That woman just rubs me the wrong way, always has. Perhaps she needs a new PR firm?

  8. Know people who know Jen, she is NOT nice unless she thinks she needs to be. I don't see the other two constantly bringing her up in their interviews. As far as I can tell Angelina just is who she is, as messed up as the rest of us, but with a microphone and camera recording every step and mis-step.
    I don't know who decide Jen was America's sweetheart anyway.

  9. Brangie camper here too. I'm a firm believer in fate and when that door opened, they both gave the world the finger and walked through it together. Now they have a family and are proving that you don't have to be perfect... even pretty people are f*ck ups!

    Screw Jen... she's a spoiled brat who hasn't had any real work in... 10 years now? Ugh... go away and take your whiney bitchboy with you! (reference to Jon Mayer)

    Wow... didn't know I was this passionate about it! Look what mamarazzi does to a person!

  10. Maybe Jen decided she'd had enough and would be nice to nice people. (Sorry, Poppy. Don't mean to be commenting again, but I can't stand -underline and hyphen- Angie and Brad. Even Billy Bob got out. And how smart is he?)

  11. I too am in the Brangelina camp. Hubby's who don't want to leave can't be "stolen". They have free will and happy Hubbies tend to stay home. They are helping people world wide and put their money where their mouths are.
    Jen on the other hand strikes me as whiney and spineless. She was not even my fave "Friend". I can't remember a movie that she was in much less one I liked.

  12. Just to clarify, the people Jen wasn't nice too are nice REAL people. She wasn't nice because they weren't stars, they were just the family of someone she was working with. So, in my book, rude is rude. I'm not saying she deserved to be cheated on by her husband, but she's not the sweetheart she tries to present herself to be.

  13. This is a topic that inexplicably make me crazy!!!! My new personal favourite was the Father of the Year casually admitting on Oprah that he has never cared for all the kids solo.....WHAT?????? I can't believe people didn't jump all over this admission. Shows to me truly how "committed" you are to your ever expanding family that you are unable to handle being alone with them all...SAD! Wow, can't believe how wired this topic makes me!

  14. Angelina may be exceptionally good at PR but do you know anyone else in Hollywood that contributes so much of their time and money to charitable causes? At least she does something positive for the world with all of her fame, power and money. Unlike Rachel I mean Jen, Mr. Brangelina's ex. Speaking of, Angelina may be a husband stealer but it takes two to tango.

  15. IMNSHO Angelina has a long way to go to catch up with Paul Newman.

    Who also managed to stay married to the same woman for longer than Angelina has been alive.


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