Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Yes, I am really busy and Christmas is coming and on top of everything else

I just realized my license expired last Friday.

(Because it was--in case I haven't been completely clear--my birthday.)


  1. Oh bum-MER! Not only are you saddled with a birthday this close to Christmas (the double-present issue) but now this! It's something that prospective parents really should think about when they are feeling amorous in...what would it be...March? Hope your day goes smoothly!!

  2. I see your expired license and raise you one that expired in November AND an expired plate.

    I literally should not be on the road.

  3. Mine expires on May 2, 2009 and I'm already dreading the trip to the DMV. Why they couldn't at least extend the license through the end of the month is beyond me.

  4. Kiefer doesn't know how to drive. Emo don't be telling people that - it embarrasses me. Well it's true. I know it but it hurts my feelings, because people don't have to know my business. Don't worry, whenever we have to go someplace I drive - the only thing I worry about is that it's Kiefer's face on the license. That isn't me.


  5. My birthday is coming up very soon. Last week, I was in the DMV renewing my license. After the paperwork and before the photo, I got a serious hot flash. I look like I have a sunburn in my photo. But I had just gotten my hair cut, so my hair looked good.


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