Monday, October 05, 2009

Sometimes I think I'll never have time to blog again.

So for now, some topics, to flesh out when (if?) I have time. WITH DOOCE CAPS FOR HUMOROUS EFFECT.

1. Back to school continues to kick my ass. Big time. Maybe I'd feel better if I developed a peptic ulcer or a hysterical pregnancy or some other psychosomatic ailment so it wouldn't just be my brain freaking out all by itself. Wouldn't hives be a pleasant distraction from reality?

2. My mother has joined FaceBook. And friended me. Not just me, as in Real Name me, but also as Poppy Buxom. What if she finds my blog and reads it and discovers that I KNOW HOW TO SWEAR?

3. I'm blogging about celebrities on Mondays and Fridays at Mamarazzi. Also, today I blogged about the tragedy of Maybelline's discontinuation of my beloved Drippin' Honey lipstick over at BlogHer. Please to read and comment.

4. I've realized that the daily crap (cooking, cleaning up the kitchen, laundry, grocery shopping, decluttering, bill paying, topping off the underwear drawers) is more than enough to fill my days and I really shop STOP with the volunteer work. I should tell Girl Scouts, my church choir, the Joffrey Ballet, the Colonial Dames, and the English-Speaking Union to suck it.

5. I just agreed to continue being the recording secretary for one of these groups.

6. We went to a black-tie dinner dance on Friday night. My mother got a vicarious thrill out of it, but I'd rather have been watching a DVD.

7. I went to England. In August. And have hundreds of pictures to post/talk about. Still.

8. My phone won't stop ringing. I just don't answer it any more or I'd never get anything done. Honestly, how do you other housewives talk on the phone all day? You do, don't you? I mean, that's not just a stereotype, right?

9. I went rummage sale-ing with Wendy last Thursday. It was awesome! Wait 'til you see the gorgeous chair I bought for the deluxe apartment in the sky. IT IS FABULOUS.

10. I hear somebody leaving a really long message on my answering machine. I'd better go and check it out. Maybe it will be an INTERESTING BLOG TOPIC.


  1. "Suck it" is one of my all-time fave insults. It makes me giggle.

    Y'know, friending on Facebook is a minefield. Over half of my friends are church people, one is my 14-year-old niece, the rest are normal people. But I am reluctant to publish such quiz results as "What is Your Naughty Name?" since I know this is my audience. Honestly, I'm trying to figure out why the hell I'm on FB anyway.

    Every once in a while, I toss out an expletive when talking to my parents. It's always contextual but I also do it just to hear my mother gasp and titter.

    Thanks to you, Poppy, I feel better now - I went to Florida three weeks ago and haven't posted about it yet. My BFF is going blue around the lips, she's been holding her breath so long.

  2. And here I was, wondering how your dinner dance was. Thanks for solving the other mystery. ;-)

  3. My mom has friended me on Facebook as well.

    Only she barely knows how to send e-mail, so it is like it's my father's second Facebook account.

    (I finally swore in person in front of my parents when I saw them weekend before last. At age 33. Though they'd seen some of it on my blog previously.)

  4. Heh.
    I'm smirking at "flesh out."

    I want to see the chair!

  5. Dude. I NEVER answer my phone. Never ever ever. Unless it's my mom calling from her cell phone, because she might be sitting in the driveway looking directly at me through the window. WHICH IS JUST AS BAD AS BEING FRIENDED ON FACEBOOK. I'm pretty sure.

  6. My life hasn't been the same since Ralph Lauren stopped making lipstick. I've been looking for a match to RL's shade called "Clover" for most of my adult life.

  7. When your mom finds your blog should be added to some official list of nightmares...or at least used as the title for a novel!

  8. I am a suburban princess, but I hate the phone. Seriously, I almost NEVER answer the phone. I offer daily thanks to the inventors of Caller ID.


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