Monday, January 04, 2010

12 Days of Blogmas: Day 11--the join-a-new-gym edition

OK, will somebody please take me aside and tell me (in a low, concerned voice) that I'm not funny? Or that they've tried, but they can't leave comments at Mamarazzi? Because I post twice a week there, and apparently I'm posting to an echoing vastness of limitless space. And in space, no one can hear you comment.

Seriously, it would really be a kindness to let me know how much I suck before I spend another five years polluting the internet with my so-called "humor."

Right! So, on to the contest! Sharpen your wits--the same ones you'll be using to inform me that a job as a gag writer for Stephen Colbert is not in the offing--and figure out which popular Christmas song is illustrated by the following pictures. First one to figure out the song wins a Mamarazzi t-shirt. You know, that web site I write for that's NOT FUNNY.



  1. I have no idea. I think Summer has it since that's the only Christmas song that I can think of with Boy in the title.

    And I read Mamarazzi but don't post comments. Not to worry- you're still funny!

  2. I read Mamarazzi daily - I don't comment because I can't come up with wittiness as quickly as I would like. Don't worry - you make me laugh on a daily basis.

  3. Love the part about the anti-matter. Please let it be true!

  4. Oh hai everyone--sorry I haven't replied until now. For some reason Blogger wasn't sending me emails, so I didn't know I had comments.

    Yay comments!

    OK, Summer, you win an awesome Mamarazzi t-shirt. Please let me know your address and size.

    Kristin: I knew I shouldn't have used the U2 album ... dead giveaway.

    Teachergirl and Carol: Thank you! I feel so appreciated! I'm all verklempt.

  5. i love Mamarazzi - I am always thrilled when you guys post more than once a day! I just suck at riddles like this, and Mamarazzi comments are sort of a pain.


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