Tuesday, March 09, 2010

30 Days to 10 years younger--10 minute tips. Tip 8: Make friends with concealer

If you can remember when concealer was pretty much limited to that lipstick-shaped "Erase" stuff you get at the drug store, you're old enough to have the kinds of problems a good concealer is designed to correct, such as under-eye circles, broken capillaries, and age spots.

The right concealer banishes all of these problems. It can also work as an eye shadow base, improving the wear and appearance of your eye shadow. And you can use it instead of, or in addition to foundation.

Right now, I'm using one of two concealers. I keep a tube of Cargo's OneBase in my purse. It's a tube with a sponge-tipped wand. The formula is very versatile. You can apply it with the sponge tip as a concealer, or squeeze the product out of the tube and apply it as a foundation. You can even mix it with your regular day-time moisturizer to make a tinted moisturizer.

It's handy for travel or trips to the gym, and for putting on makeup in the car. (Shut up! At red lights, duh.)

When I'm at home, I use Maybelline Age Rewind. It's very highly pigmented, which means it gives excellent coverage. It also means it's easy to use too much, so a lot of the time, I take the cap off and only use what I find on the end of the tube.

However, I'm having a lemming attack over Revlon's Age Defying Moisturizing Concealer. It's brand-new, and it's supposed to be great for older skin. It's received rave reviews from Makeup Alley. And it has SPF 25, which is fabulous. What better place to have high SPF than a product that is used around the eyes?

I'm super-tempted to pick up a tube of the Revlon, but I don't know that I need to add to my concealer collection. Yet.

Apply concealer here to take ten years off your face:
  • To cover under eye circles, apply both below and above the eyes in the inner corners, near the nose. Don't use it on the outside corners; this will emphasize lines.
  • Neutralize and brighten your eyelids by applying it across the eyelids, too.
  • Pat on a bit to conceal age spots, red marks from healed blemishes, and burst capillaries.


  1. Hey!
    That One Base stuff is only $26!

  2. I have to admit I still like the sticks for the consistency. The liquid stuff would gather in my wrinkles. If I had any, of course. *ahem*

  3. Well neener neener, I am using that new Revlon one. Because I can't find the Maybelline one, which was MY FAVORITE, anywhere. And yes, it is indeed THE BOMB. I do think the coverage is SLIGHTLY less than that of the Maybelline concealer, though.

  4. blackbird: It gets worse. I actually bought the Cargo OneBase in a kit for $59. But it contained seven products, so actually it ended up being kind of a deal:


    MAW: I find the sticks both cakey and greasy, but whatever works, works, right? I do try to keep concealer off my crow's feet. Luckily, my undereye shadows don't go all the way around my eyes--just most of the way.

    Badger: You've been holding out on me! Where do you think I first learned about the Maybelline one? YOUR BLOG.

  5. thanks for the suggestions...i SO need a new concealer. aging...a very tricky thing in life!

  6. ERASE. Heh. I love reading the blogs of women my age.

  7. Hadn't heard about these - I've always relied on Bobbi Brown. Just as good? Less expensive? Getting furloughed and sending someone to college. Need a break.


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