Saturday, April 03, 2010

30 Days to 10 years younger--10 minute tips. Tip 30: Play

Clothing is functional.

Style is fun.

Skin care is grooming.
Woman washing face with water

Makeup is a magic carpet.

Teenage girl (15-17) wearing stage makeup, portrait, close-up of eyes

Your "real" jewelry tells the world who you are.

Woman's engagement ring

Costume jewelry is just that. A costume.

Thinkstock Single Image Set

And nobody really needs a pair of purple satin gloves.

close-up of fancy dress

You don't need to pay attention to fashion. But why would you deny yourself this chance at self-expression, this chance to create, this pleasure?

Thinkstock Single Image Set

Clothes and makeup are Legos and finger paint for grown-ups.

Spring 2010 inspirations

I want you to play.


  1. What a happy post.
    Happy Easter

  2. You are really inspiring!

    Happy Easter!!

  3. Makeup is a magic carpet indeed!

    "If you believe in it, makeup has a magic all it's own. " --the makeup artist, Sooner or Later (TV movie)

    Awesome post. Coming to major interest and learning makeup and fashion relatively late in life, it is like play.

  4. Poppy, this has been 30 days of magic. Can't wait to see where you go next!

  5. A good reminder. Playing is not my forte. It never was and I wish it could be. I think I need a swift kick on the derrière sometimes. Love all the colors and the sense of fun, Poppy! R. x

  6. "Clothes and makeup are Legos and finger paint for grown-ups." how cool is that! :-D

    woke up after dream about nail-polish, I had to decide over some purples and muted purples.

    lets play!

  7. Love this post. Am adding you to my blog roll.

  8. I am loving this post! Now I have a new excuse for my husband when my next J-Crew package arrives!! "Honey, they're just my LEGO's!".



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