Friday, August 06, 2010

a post (short) from BlogHer

I'm borrowing blackbird's laptop to write this, so I've decided I'm borrowing her title, too.

I've been in New York for over 24 hours, and I'm already exhausted. I attribute this to a combination of things: being surrounded by literally thousands of blogging women, all talking at once; sitting through panels and keynotes and lunches; sharing a room with blackbird so that the talking and laughing literally doesn't stop unless we're asleep; a general lack of caffeine, and the weather, which is just what you'd expect, if you've been hearing about New York's record-breaking summer-long heat wave.

Also, I'm frustrated, because I'm having trouble accessing the internet.

You know those posts people are always writing about what to bring to a blogging conference? Well, one of the most important things to bring is a laptop.

But guess who left her laptop at home in Newtopia? And bought herself a compensatory iPad? That's right, me. And for the most part, I love it.

For one thing, I've downloaded sample chapters of all kinds of style books, like RuPaul's Working It, Daisy Fuentes' Unforgettable, Rachel Zoe's Style A to Zoe, and The Color of Style. So I'll be able to sample them at my leisure, impulse buy them, and then review them on this blog. Which is where you come in, internet.

Unfortunately, the wireless connector on my new iPad is a little fussy. It does not like BlogHer or New York or the Hilton. So I've spent a lot of conference time struggling with it. And that's why blackbird took pity on me and let me borrow her laptop.

So. What we've done. Yesterday, we attended a party at Martha Stewart's offices, where we drank frozen Lillet and basil slushies and ate miniature whoopie pies. Then we went to the People's Party at the hotel, where they were pouring the bourbon with a very heavy hand. And we paid court to the Bloggess in the ladies' room, which has become something of a BlogHer tradition.

Today blackbird and I went to see our BlogHer Style boss, Susan Wagner, moderate a panel on the business of fashion blogging. I discovered that alas, I am a dinosaur, because I'd rather talk about the return of the pointy-toed shoe than about marketing my brand.

What am I wearing? Yesterday, a turquoise/lime green cotton lawn Lilly Pulitzer tunic, white bootcut jeans, and Michael Kors white patent leather and rope wedge-heeled sandals. And my hair up in one of those monster butterfly clips because hello? IT WAS HOT.

Today, it's a white stretch pencil skirt from Banana Republic, navy blue Lilly polo shirt and Kelsi Dagger wedged espadrilles with white leather ankle wraps.

And I'm carrying this bag

because it's all about MY BRAND.


  1. Well I do like the sound of that turquoise/lime tunic.


    (I will not mention how jealous I am about the whole being in New York, sharing with blackbird thing. Nope, I will not).

  2. Currently in Panera with hubs, using up their wi-fi. He's on his iPad, which he won. Only a socialite buys one on a whim! (I'm in the midst of My Fair Lazy, can you tell?)

  3. The more you detail your style and colours the more I state we are VERY similar in taste. And I totally LOVE the idea of carrying that bag!
    Kiss that sweet bird for me will ya please?

  4. I bet you looked stunning. And dinosaur you are never. I'm frankly a little weary of writers concentrating more on their "brand" than on their content. Stay the way you are, please.

  5. Holy moly, that's a great looking bag. Definitely all about the brand.

  6. Everyone seemed to have problems with the wi-fi at the Hilton. So can't be your lovely new i-pad.

    I love the bag. And I'm so happy to get introduced to your blog, which focuses on what you have to say. And not your brand.


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