Monday, September 27, 2010

Japanese snacks have destroyed me, and other stories

I continue to chart my daily input and outgo of food and calories expended. I'm seeing results--down seven pounds in three weeks--but I don't feel as sleek as I usually do after three weeks of dieting and walking my legs off. (OK, walking for an hour a day.)

I blame this nagging sense that I still resemble a sea-going mammal on The Menopause, which appears to have developed a strong attachment to my midriff bulge. And I mean that literally.

(Did I say "midriff bulge?" I meant "muffin top." It sounds thinner.)

So. It's all the fault of The Menopause. Although it doesn't help to line up lovely bowls of Japanese snacks for family movie night. Just so you know, this?

Which I only bought because it's caramel corn that's OK for kids with braces? Is of the Devil. It's that good.

And so while I track and walk and wait for my midriff bulge  whoops muffin top to go away, I'm getting ready to order a couple of pieces to ease me through this transition. I'm thinking easy-fitting pieces that will work both now and when I've burned off the last bite of Japanese caramel corn.

Like this waterfall cardigan from Boden, currently on sale for $62.40.

Look at the easy, graceful, forgiving lines. Notice the strong, but not-too-obvious emphasis on the vertical. Note the lack of ruffles, appliqué, beading, shirring, or embroidery over the balcony--a good thing when one's balcony already calls quite enough attention to itself. And check out the description
The Waterfall Cardigan is in a lovely soft with-cashmere mix, with elegant cascading folds of fabric at the front-making it unusual, without being daft.
"Unusual, without being daft." That's so me!


  1. I really relate to this post...middle aged spread, bulge, or muffin top is a tricky spot to reduce.

    A post menopausal gal myself, walking 30-45 mins a day and riding my stationary bike and swimming...eating healthy and results are not what I'd wish for...but I am NOT giving up!

    The waterfall sweater looks lovely...drapes well and you'll feel slimmer just putting this on!
    Camouflage...and clothes that flatter are high on my list!

  2. And when in doubt--fool the eye with a gorgeous scarf!

  3. I approve.
    Also, I will hold back on my mocking Boden post.

  4. Feel free to mock Boden. You must be looking for a change, now that you've eviscerated Anthro like Dexter going after a serial killer.

    I only like about 10 percent of Boden's stuff. Mostly it's the prints I dislike, although some of their stuff is a little fussy for my taste.

    Still, at least they style their photographs like normal human beings. The Anthro and J. Crew catalogs are a puzzlement.

  5. I would so get that green shade the model's wearing!
    You are steady on losing weight, that is of essence when dieting.
    You are doing amazingly and being an example for all of us.

  6. I have the waterfall cardi!! In Navy!

    That is all.


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