Saturday, October 02, 2010

Pour le weekend

Mr. Buxom and I have nothing planned for the weekend, and we couldn't be happier. It means two family movie nights, extra time reading blogs, and time to finish getting the fall wardrobe front and center. That includes accessories.

Last August when blackbird and I were playing hookey* at BlogHer, I bought a Hermes fluide scarf. Which is leaving me feeling a little flummoxed. Blackbird put the scarf on all kinds of ways, and it always looked fabulous. And on a French website, I see that this kind of scarf is considered

Fluid and shifting, allowing a wide variety of ways to be worn, silk jersey is now recognized as a must. 

Luckily I hadn't seen this video, or I would have decided that unless I'm 24, and a flat-chested ukelele-playing Parisienne, there would be no point in buying it.

However, have you seen this Liberty series on how to tie a scarf? Here's a sample with a chiffon scarf:

Alors, I'm going to play with my new scarf. And practice speaking English with an outrageous French accent.

More Liberty scarf-tying videos available at Youtube.

* Hey, we're style bloggers. We were in New York City, for Heaven's sake. It was crucially important that we go shopping.


  1. Ooof...that fluid scarf is so gorgeous, though I must point out that *I* never wore it any of the ways they show in that adorable video.
    And the Liberty videos are so cute!

  2. Why do I think those scarves cost more than most 24 year olds make in a year?

  3. Anxiously awaiting the picture of you wearing your new Hermes scarf Superman-cape-style.

  4. I am speechless. In the first video that lovely girl is showing how to wear the scarf the way I always wear it. And I thought it was my own creation to wear it like that! OY.

  5. Another thing I cannot do--wear a scarf with any sense or ability or sensiblity.

  6. Two things.

    1- Wow... she is really flat chested.
    2- I love that liberty video!!! It has changed my life.

    I must have those glasses she has on. I think that will be the key to speaking in such accent.


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