Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Poppy's Top 10 of 2010: DDF Glycolic Body Lotion

I was really hoping I wasn't going to like DDF 10% Glycolic Body Lotion better than anything else I tried this year, because the stuff is crazy expensive. I'm usually all about the biggest, cheapest bottle of body lotion, figuring I slather it on the way they tell you to apply sunscreen--frequently and copiously--so why spend more?

The thing is, so many of my lotions (Eucerin, Nivea, Lubriderm, Jergens) haven't been enough by themselves, so I've layered them over and under other products.

Whereas the DDF lotion does it all. It moisturizes so well that itchy dry places that tend bother me every winter are soothed. I'm not hearing a peep out of them. It exfoliates, so it helps gets rid of flaky skin and keratosis pilaris and foot calluses and dry cuticles. And it gives my skin a beautiful, youthful sheen.

When I put it on--and I put it on pretty much every bit of me from the neck down--I can feel that AHA tingle. Which means if you have sensitive skin, this product probably isn't for you. But me? I love knowing that all the creepy bits of me are being sloughed off. 

Unfortunately, due to the AHAs, there's a bit of a funky yogurt-y smell. And as I said, it's expensive--roughly $40.00 for an eight ounce bottle.

I know! Crazy! But it's so good, I'm looking for an on-line coupon or Friends and Family sale or something along those lines, because I'm halfway through my first bottle.


  1. All the creepy bits are being sloughed off...Poppy, that's poetic!...and now I need to feel my creepy bits being sloughed off.

  2. Sandra, thanks for commenting!

    I've decided that I need to tell the internet much more about my creepy bits, so I'm going to add "creepy bits" to this and all future blog posts as one of my tags.

  3. You should give Happy Moon Aloe cream a try. Stupid name, great product! The same price for 9 oz., but it lasts f-o-r-e-v-e-r. Love it!

  4. Wait.
    I can layer my drugstore body lotions?
    As in rub the Jergen's Firming lotion on my legs and arms and THEN add the Aveeno? On top?

  5. Oh, nice. Despite the price, I am really glad to read this review, as AHA stuff was recommended to me for the stupid KP on my upper arms. I use a DDF glycolic face wash ($35 for the same size bottle) but it lasts most of a year for me. It works well enough that I'd consider other products from the brand.


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