Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Poppy orders J. Crew Platinum Tweed Jacket, Goes Postal

I went to the J. Crew site the other day, inspired by a Une Femme's post about their leopard print silk/cashmere scarf. I ended up ordering the scarf and five more pieces. More about them later. Right now, it's all about

The Platinum Tweed Jacket

Verdict? Fail.

My first issue was with the fit. See how the jacket has so much open space at the front? This looks adorable on a waifish model. But there was a huge gap. OK, the largest size available was a 12, which I am not. But strangely enough, the jacket fit perfectly in the shoulders and across the back. Also, the jacket has a hidden front hook, so it really should meet at the center. Once more, I come to the reluctant conclusion that what looks adorable on a waif looks Too Small on the jumbo economy size.

Also, in case you're coveting this jacket and are deterred by the fact it's expensive and/or currently only available in a size 10? Be of good cheer. When I took it out of the packaging, there were a couple of long gold threads hanging off the beaded trim. Fall out from glittery eye shadow I can understand, but fall out from a brand-new, unworn piece of clothing is unacceptable.

Also, this amount of fluffy, eye-catching, bulk-increasing trim

is a really bad idea when you have a lot on your balcony. What was I thinking?

For me, to box this jacket up and bring it to the P.O. was the work of an instant.

As for the rest of the story, it's sort of depressing. Of the other items I ordered, the only one that fits is a pair of cropped khakis. Which, hello? Bored now.

On top of that, the leopard print scarf that sent me there in the first place

is sold out.


  1. Yeah, I had a bad feeling about that jacket, despite my initial attraction.

    Do you have a J.Crew store anywhere near you?? Because I'm still seeing the scarf in the stores here.

  2. Une Femme: Great idea! There's one very near me. I'll check it out--unless someone can translate J. Crew-ese for me. I still can't tell whether I'm going to get the scarf. When I check my order status, the website tells me it's "Waitlisted," which I understand, and "Releasable," which I don't. Does anyone out there speak JCrew?

  3. I'm afraid I haven't seen that one and don't know what it means. I wonder if you call their customer service if they could tell you?

    While you're at the store, check out the tortoiseshell big links necklace...SO cute!!

  4. This is why I never order online. Part of me wants to, when other bloggers gush about this or that package that just arrived. SO much more is available online than in store! But like you point out -- it can be difficult to imagine how things will fit on US in the real world. Some are probably adapt at it, but I expect I would be the worst. Take heart and move on -- something better is waiting just around the corner!

  5. I've been thinking of leopard-skin-look flats for a month now. Saw a pair in a shop window and seem to be obsessed. So I absolutely understand the scarf love.

    Regarding said jacket. Tell me about it. I do that all the time with non-internet shopping. Waste my time trying on something which RATIONALLY makes no sense for my body type, but in my fantasies is perfect. I also continually try very bright red lipticks which are so not the real-me, but are definitely the fantasy-me.

    BTW could you please tell us more about your Guerlain Kiss Kiss lippie. Also, what's your opinion on coral lipsticks for the over 40s? Just bought one and am unsure.......

  6. Now I want that scarf! I'll have to check my local J Crew.


  7. This PAINS me.
    Let me know if you'd like me to check for that scarf over here.

  8. That jacket?
    Not for us boobiefied gals.
    Bb to the rescue!

  9. Ha, I enjoyed this post -- it sounds so much the way I feel when I order something and it's not at all what I expected. Which happens way too often.

  10. That scarf is so great - can't stand that it's sold out! I ordered a pretty leopard scarf from Stella and Dot, nice scarf, nice size but not as nice as the J Crew one. You might want to check it out though - I like the quality of the Stella and Dot scarves.

    I don't work for them, I swear! If I did I'd say it was nicer than the J.Crew scarf, which it isn't!


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